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Mystery microbes cover Jefferson Memorial on Washington D.C. National Mall

Mystery microbes cover Jefferson Memorial on Washington D.C. National Mall. See August 11th 2016 YouTube video telling of a mystery microbe covering growing on the Jefferson Memorial. Seems nobody can figure out how to stop it from spreading. Below is a recent vs old image of the Jefferson Memorial showing how it is overtaking the memorial. LINK:

Is this a sign from God?

It would not surprise me if this is an act of an angry God trying to get our attention. I know that comes across as a crazy idea, but consider the reasons I think this might be a possible explanation...
  • A Perfect cross exists on the national mall. There are many facts related to this cross that point to Jesus. I'vc documented some of them on another blog post. See my blog 
  • On the Jesus right hand position on the D.C. Mall cross lies the Jefferson Memorial. between the center of the cross and the Jefferson Memorial is a Tidal Basin that separates Jefferson from Jesus on the cross. The image portrayed is that of Jesus reaching out over water to ask Thomas Jefferson to believe in him. Jefferson was a Deist who did not believe Jesus to be God's resurrected son.
  • Who does the Jefferson Memorial remind you of in this image?  This memorial is a picture of the biblical doubting Thomas who could not bring himself to believe Jesus was resurrected without seeing the scar marks in Jesus hands for himself.
  • The D.C. Mall cross has the following main points of interest.The perfect image of the cross and these landmarks being at the precise locations that would make sense on such a cross story are very difficult to dismiss as happenstance.
    • Washington Monument on the center of the cross representing Jesus Christ, the tower people run into to be saved.
    • Lincoln Memorial at the top of the cross has Abraham Lincoln sitting on a throne in a temple looking down at Jesus who is between God and the people. Abraham Lincoln seems to represent Abraham of the Bible who went before God leading Israel.
    • Reflecting Pool down in front of Abraham Lincoln which is a logical place to have a reflecting pond that is a picture of the Sea of Glass that the Bible speaks of that lies at the foot of God's throne.
    • WWII Memorial which happens to be sitting on the crossbar of the cross and whose theme is wreaths for those lost from the 50 states in this war.  This wreath shaped memorial appears to be hanging on the cross like it portrays the crown of thorns on Jesus while he was nailed to the cross.
    • The Congress Building at the Foot of the cross represents God's people who are at the foot of the cross looking up to Jesus.
    • The White House sits directly north of the center of the cross and I believe it represents the mansions in heaven Jesus promises for those who come to him.
    • The Ellipse which is between Jesus at the Washington Monument and the White House appears to represent a place where people pass through (or stop at) on the way to heaven and God's mansions prepared for us.
With this image of a cross on the National Mall it is near impossible to imagine this is all a product of men's design. The original design did not include a cross-like image. I believe the cross is a creation of our wondrous God who tells us nothing is impossible with him. It is a creation of a supernatural creator. But why has it gone for so long unnoticed?

I suspect God is revealing this cross to use in these last days by design. Christianity is coming under constant persecution and the Bible is ignored as God's Word by the majority of people on earth. Could God be providing this sign as a new symbol of Christianity for the lost in the world to once again consider Jesus?

Mystery Microbes?

What does this have to do with the Mystery Microbes growing on the Jefferson Memorial? How can a strange growth exist these days that men cannot figure out how to stop? If it is a mystery organism it certainly could be a God created growth that is slowly overtaking the memorial built to honor the doubting Thomas Jefferson. Is this what happens to doubters?

I believe this is a sign from God that might serve multiple purposes; it can remind Christians to realize God is still here with us today; a sign to the world's agnostics and doubters that might cause them to reconsider Jesus call for people to come to him; or a sign men will ignore today but might one day remind them that God was calling out to them, and they refused to listen.

There are lots of impossible sounding miracles in the Bible where God did strange things to get people's attention. I believe the grown on the Jefferson Memorial is very possibly a modern day miracle of God designed to get our attention.

With God, nothing is impossible?

See my past blog article that tells more about the Cross on the Washington D.C. National Mall.

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