Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Bible's Symbolism associated with #17; Think Judgment for wicked and blessings for the faithful. Recent Tweets

Just a quick post that contains Twitter Tweets I posted this month regarding evidence the Holy Bible (IE KJV and similar) provides to help us understand the number 17. This post was done on January 17, 2017 at about 3:00am CST (Texas) time.

Also consider this for evidence as to the perfection of how God has numbered every book, chapter and verse in the Bible from cover to cover. Every book and chapter in the perfect order. This is marked by Psalm 117 being the exact middle chapter of the Bible and Psalm 103:1-2 being the exact middle verses. Both locations declare Bless the LORD or Praise the LORD twice.

Here's my recent Tweets regarding #17.

  • #17 symbolism 1/17/2017 17,000th verse; Prov 21:15 It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity
  • #17 related to the flood; Gen 8:4 the ark rested in 7th month on 17th of the month.. #8 - Is 188th ver in 8th chap where remnant of 8 saved
  • #17 in Bible numbering. 171st verse of Genesis 7:11 in 2nd mth, 17th day.. the fountains of the deep opened up and windows of heaven opened
  • End of #17 tweets; Numbers mean things and every Bible chap number symbolizes part of its contents. More examples? C24s and Day of the LORD
  • 1/17/2017; #17 symbolism of Battle is the Lord's found in Exodus 17; Amalek comes to fight; Moses hands and staff held up until battle won
  • #17 symbolism found in 1Samuel 17; Everyone else afraid, With God's power, David fights the Philistine champion giant Goliath and kills him
  • #17 on Jan 17, 2017; #17 meaning in Isaiah 17; Damascus to be removed from being a city. In that day people will have regard for their maker
  • #17 symbolism found in Jeremiah chap 17; Judah's sin. Obey God and Jerusalem will be inhabited forever or else "day of destruction comes"
  • 1/17/2017; #17 in Ezekiel chapter 17; Judah broke alliance with Babylon and asked Egypt for help. Judah will be punished for their sin
  • 1/17/2017; #17 assoc in Matthew 17; Moses and Elijah appear w/Jesus at transfiguration. He comes down mountain drives demon out of lunatick
  • 1/17/2017 #17 in Luke 17; Day of the LORD second coming foretold. Be on guard. Just as in days of Noah disaster will come and shock everyone
  • 1/17/2017 - #17 in John 17 Hour of persecution is come, Jesus prays for his people to be perfected and protected from son of perdition  #KJV
  • #17 in Acts chapter 17; Paul declares; All must repent for God has fixed a day when his son, resurrected from the dead, will judge the world
  • #17 in Revelation 17; Harlot with 7 heads, 10 horns(10+7=17) given power for 1 hour to war against the Lamb who then overcomes #JesusChrist
  • #17 Jan 17, 2017; Bible associates #17 with.. See chapter 17's (24 of them). Different aspects ref to the Day the Lord will judge. #prophecy
  • #17 re Judgment. No coincidence the book of "Judges" is 7th #KJV book. #7 is about "becoming perfect/saved", not perfection. Judges save us
  • God's #17 Re JUDGMENT; 17,000th #KJV verse-Prov 21:15 It is joy to the just to do judgment..destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity
  • God's #17 is about JUDGMENT. flood/blood. Don't dismiss the miracle of supernatural numbering of KJV Bible. See 17:17 verses.  #KJV
  • Beyond coincidence? Psa 77:17 Rain Storm-thunder-lightening-#17 is a flood nbr; ark rose/rested on
  • 17th This is 1171th ver of Psa #scripture
  • #17 is a flood nbr--the 177th verse of Genesis; Gen "7:17" the flood came on the earth for 40 days and the water rose and lifted up the ark
  • #17 is flood/blood number; Gen 8:4 In the 7th month on the 17th of the month (717 again) the ark rested upon mountains of Ararat #prophecy
  • #17 is blood/flood number 170 ver of Exo; 1703rd of #Bible-Exo "7:17" I will strike WATER..with the staff in my hand/it will turn to BLOOD
  • #17=flood/blood/cleansing-Psa "107:17" Fools because of their rebelliousness/iniquities were afflicted 1777th ver of Psa; 15717th of #Bible
  • #17 is a #BLOOD number; The 107th chapter; Lev 17:11 the life of flesh is in the blood..the blood..of the life makes atonement #apologetics
  • 2017 and #17 -- numbers mean things. The Flood and Judgment surround Noah's Ark #apologetics http://amazingword.blogspot.com/2012/02/number-17-resurrection-casting-down.html?m=1 …