Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Review of AmazingWord Twitter Tweets

Because Twitter is so quick and easy to post to I post about Bible discoveries more there than anywhere else. Following is a list of AmazingWord Twitter Tweets going back a couple of months. This post looks pretty dense but there's quite a few interesting facts here if you take the time to scan down through them.!/amazingword

Computers help us see biblical patterns; Psalm 117 the shortest and only 2 verse Bible chapter - but did you know it was the center chapter?
Computers can help us see biblical patterns; #22 Jesus, Son of God; Book of Lamentations; 22nd "full" bk of Bible-4 chaps w/22 verses-5th 66
Computers can help us see biblical patterns; #22 about Jesus, Son of God; Revelation 22, last chapter of the Bible; Jesus, the River of Life
Computers can help us see biblical patterns; #22 about Jesus the Son of God; Psalm 22 - the 500th chapter - Jesus on the Cross #teamjesus
Computers help see patterns #22 about Jesus the Son of God; 22022nd verse-Dan 10:6 His body like beryl, his face the appearance of lightning
Computers can't spot #7777 is about being made pure but can help us see the pattern; 7777th verse - 1Sam 21:4 consecrated bread #jesustweets
Computers can't spot #7777 is about being made pure and holy but can help you see a definite pattern; 17777th verse - Isa 6:7 sin forgiven
Computers can't spot that 911 is a God number about judgment against nations but they can help you observe 911 patterns - Daniel 9:11
Computers can't spot the 24,000 verse lines up with a chapter about the "Day" of the Lord; a verse about it; and numbered 24/42 - Matt 24:42
Computers can't spot the 1000th Bible chapter as special, but they can point out the 1000th chapter so we can observe it is special - John 3
Bible & Computers: God insured you can't analyze his perfect word with computers; but you can use them to help you see patterns #apologetics

#777 and #7777
#7777 interesting - Jack Van Impe PO Box 7004 (4 7s) Troy, MI zip 48007 (4 7s) Telephone 800-JVI-7777 - 7s and 4 sevens (7777) ????
#7777 interesting - Hal Lindsey Media Ministries - PO Box 470470 Tulsa, OK 74147; how many 74s and 47s do you count? 47 like 4 sevens (7777)
#7777 interesting - Jack Van Impe PO Box 7004 (4 7s) Troy, MI zip 48007 (4 7s)
#777 evidences-restoration; the 17777th Bible verse - Isa 6:7 ...this has touched your lips..your iniquity taken away and your sin forgiven
#777 evidences-restoration; the 7777th Bible verse - 1Sam 21:4 The priest answered...There is no ordinary bread...there is consecrated bread
#777 evidences-restoration; 777th verse of Jeremiah; Jer 31:32 not like the covenant I made..I took them...and brought them out of Egypt
#777 evidences-restoration; 777th verse of Luke; Luke 17:19 And He said to him, "Stand up and go; your faith has made you well" #jesustweets
#777 evidences-restoration; 777th verse of Isaiah; Isa 40:11 He will tend His flock...He will gather the lambs...He will gently lead them...
#777 evidences-restoration; 777th verse of Numbers; Num 22:6 For I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed
#777 evidences-restoration; 777th verse; Genesis 28:3 May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful..that you become a company of peoples


#999 about last or end things - the 999th chapter is John 2; the wedding, the passover, the resurrection  #apologetics
#888 = new beginnings - 888th chapter; a new start; Amos 9:15 I will plant them on their land...they will not again be rooted out #teamjesus
#777 about salvation/restoration - the 777th chapter about restoring Israel - Jer 32:44 ...I will restore their fortunes, declares the LORD
#666 about sin-the 666th Bible chapter about the sinfulness of men - Ecc 7:29 .. God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices
Series begin - Compelling Evidences for DNA like Bible numbering
Reading Bible numbers-watch for subtle nbr clues-the 1041st chapter, Acts 23:21,13 seems about conspiracy of 41 to Kill Paul 40+ #teamjesus
The 8th chapter about 8 saved in the ark-Gen 8:10 "waited yet another seven days" twice - meaning on the 8th day? #jesustweets #apologetics
Numbers "hidden" in Bible-Act 13:18 For "about forty years" He put up with them in the wilderness - Jews wandered for 38 years? 38 in 13:18?
Reading Bible numbers-watch for subtle nbr clues-the 1041st chapter, Acts 23:21,13 seems about conspiracy of 41 to Kill Jesus 40+ #teamjesus
@johnThree_16 just FYI...John 3 is the 1000th chapter of the Bible...God is awesome!

#Bible number coincidences? Could it be? chapter/verse 14:4 about the 144,000 - Num 1:44 These are the ones who were numbered...twelve men
#Bible number coincidences?; verse #33 and 33 in text; Num 10:33 they set out...three days, with the front of them for three days
#Bible number coincidences?; Revelation 14:4 (144) the description of the 144,000 - the ones...not defiled...who follow the Lamb...purchased
#Bible number coincidences - these are just a few of thousands and thousands of number coincidences - too many to a result of chance
#Bible number coincidences? - observe chapter and verse numbers in text; 2Kin 16:2 Ahaz was 20 years old-he reigned 16 years in Jerusalem
#Bible number coincidences #30?  Gen 18:"30" Oh may the Lord not be angry...suppose "30" are found? He said, I will not do it if I find "30"
#Bible number coincidences? Rev 17:7 the mystery of the woman/beast with "7" heads and "10" horns foretold in the 17th chapter of Revelation
#Bible number coincidences; 70 week prophecy warned in the 770th chapter-Jer 25:12 when 70 years complete-Babylon king punished #jesustweets
More #Bible number coincidences on 22 numbered verses; the 12222th verse; Ezr 8:20 "220 temple servants"  #apologetics #archeology #theology
More Bible Number coincidences - the 11222nd verse; 2s in text - 2Chr 2:10; 20,000 wheat, 20,000 barley, 20,000 wine, 20,000 oil  #teamjesus
The Bible - 44,760 men went to war in 1Chr 5:18 - Interesting this is the 10447th verse of the Bible #christian #Jesus #god #Bible #numbers

#999 vs #1000 end one time/begin another; 1Kin 8:13-14 8999th-9000th verses; Temple complete, then Solomon (Jesus like) turns to his people
#999 vs #1000 in Bible=time is about to come/time has come; Dan 9:10-9:11 (21999-22000th ver) Nation had not obeyed God; 9:11 curse on them
#99/999 about last events before end of a time-100/1000 begin of the next Rev 18:4-6-30998-31000th ver; People called out/up, then judgment
#99/999 in Bible about last things before an event; 23999th verse Matt 24:41 people taken up; 24,000th ver (42)=Day of the Lord #teamjesus

#126 Blog post about evidences showing how the Bible's number 126 relates to Jesus return and 1260 days #jesustweets
#126 examples in Bible's 1:26 verses speak of Jesus return - John 1:26 .."I baptize in water, but among you stands One whom you do not know"
#126 examples in Bible's 1:26 verses speak of Jesus return - Col 1:26 the mystery hidden from past ages..has been manifested to His saints
#126 examples in Bible's 1:26 verses speak of Jesus return - Eze 1:26  above the expanse..resembling a throne...with the appearance of a man
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 & 1:26 verses speak of Jesus return-Proverbs 1:26 I'll laugh at your calamity; will mock when your dread comes
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 & 1:26 verses speak of Jesus return - Luke 1:26 Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God...
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses speak of Jesus return - Hebrews 12:6...for whom the Lord loves, he disciplines
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses speak of Jesus return Acts 12:6 On the very night...Peter in chains-then the Angel of the Lord appeared
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses speak of Jesus return - Mark 12:6 the landowner sends his son saying 'They will respect my son.'
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses speak of Jesus return - Matt 12:6 "But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here."
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses about Jesus return - Zech 12:6 "In that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot..."
#126 examples in Bible's 12:6 verses - Hosea 12:6 "...wait for your God continually" #prophecy #lastdays
#126 examples - Prov 12:6 "the mouth of the upright will deliver them" - when Jesus returns this will happen #theology
#126 examples - when will the Lord Return? Dan 12:6 "how long until these wonders? - v7 then responds - 1260 days - times, time and 1/2 time
#126 examples - Psa 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace...v5 leads into this verse - "now I will arise"
#126 examples-Bible's 12:6 verses speak to the day the Lord Returns - Isaiah 12:6 great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel #apologetics
#126 points to the day the Lord returns-the Bible's 12:6 verses tell of this; IE Rev 12:6 tells the woman waits for 1260 days #jesustweets

Too many coincidences to be coincidence?
Bible coincidences; In Exodus 24-the 74th chapter-74 called up mountain; v1 you, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu and 70 elders of Israel #apologetics
#27/#72 Amazing chapters; Acts 9-the Bible's 1027th chapter giving examples of Jesus coming for us; one is Jesus appearing/saving Saul/Paul
#27/#72 about Jesus coming for us; speaks to us; his sacrafice - testifying redemption price paid - See Ruth 4:9-11 (7200th-7202nd verses)
#72 chapters demonstrating #72 theme; Genesis 27(72); Ruth 4; Acts 9 (the 1027th chapter) See amazing similarities between Gen 27 and Acts 9
#72 Witnesses-Symbolizes Jesus calling us/redeeming us/our testimony; 7200th verse is 72nd verse of Ruth c4v9 you are Witnesses #jesustweets
#archeology and Biblical numbers; Gen 6:15 tells len x width x height of Noah's ark =30x50x30 (#35/#53) highlighted as 153rd Bible verse
#26 GOD; Evidence- 26th Bible verse; Genesis 1:26 Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;... " #jesustweets
#26 number for Dec 26 gematria value for YHWH/name of God adds to 26 (search websites for 26 & God) YHWH; 1-26 values for G-O-D also sum 26

How is miracle of feeding crowd with 5 loaves/2 fish related to #25/#52? - Jesus is revealing who he is before the people
Bible #25 about expected King/deliverer-fits #2 and #5 symbolism; #2=the appointed deliverer (2nd bk=Exo) #5=statutes/covenants (5th bk Deu)
Bible #25 seems about the promised king/deliverer--Mrk 6:38 "How many loaves do you have? Go look!"...they *said, "Five, and two fish."
#Christmas seems appropriately on December 25th, not as a birthday, but #25 in the Bible symbolizes Jesus showing he is the expected messiah
The Bible's 11 25*25 verses-Ex 34:28-Luke 2:51-Luke 5:17-Luke 7:29-Luke 9:23-Luke 11:19-Luke 13:6-Luke 16:4-Luke 18:36-Luke 20:45-Luke 22:60
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--2525th verse--Exo 34:28 So he was there with the LORD forty days and nights #jesustweets
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25025th verse--And He went with them and came to Nazareth...His mother treasured these things in her heart
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25125th verse--He was teaching...and the power of the Lord was with Him to perform healing. #apologetics
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25225th verse--When all the people..heard this, they acknowledged…(Jesus just said he was the expected one)
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25325th verse--He was saying ..."If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must...follow Me" #jesustweets
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25425th verse--"And if I by Beelzebul cast out demons, by whom do your sons cast them out?  #theology
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25525th verse--said "A man had a fig tree..he came looking for fruit, but did not find any.(Jesus came)
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25625th verse--I know...when I am removed from the management (removed from Jesus presence?) #jesustweets
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25725th verse--hearing a crowd, he began to inquire what this was (seeking to know who just passed by)
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25825th verse--And while the people were listening, He said to the disciples #jesustweets
#25 re:Jesus with us on earth--25925th verse--"Man, I do not know what you are talking about" (Peter denying being with Jesus) #jesustweets
Proofs of perfect Bible numbering--all 11 verses with Bible verse number beginning/ending with #25--#25 is about Jesus appearing before men

#23/#32 curious intersection of Bible numbers; 322nd chapter; 32nd verse; 2&3 in text 2Kin 9:32 "Who is on my side..two or three looked down
Evidence for #23; Exo 23:23 "My angel will go before you.." / Matt 18:20 where two or three have gathered in My name, I am in their midst
Evidence for #23 "God with Us" Jer 23:23 "Am I a God who is near" declares the LORD "And not a God far off? #jesustweets
Verse for today Dec 23 - Bible's #23 Matt 1:"23" "THE VIRGIN  SHALL BEAR A SON...IMMANUEL, meaning "GOD WITH US." #jesustweets #apologetics
#God's symbolism for #23 - "God With Us"; 23rd Psalm v3 He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness #jesustweets #Jesus
#23 symbolism; 23rd of December the 23,000th Bible verse Zech 8:"23" Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you #jesustweets

Remarkable-PS 117, the middle chapter of the Bible-only two verses both declare - PRAISE THE LORD! #jesustweets #theology
Remarkable-two verses of Psalm 117 split the Bible down the middle in chapters and its verse numbers point to division of Old/New Testaments
Remarkable-PS 117-middle Bible chap has just 2 verses-1929-1930th of #Bible; The last chap of OT and 1st of NT are 929-930th Bible chapters

#911-the 911th verse of the Bible; their idols hidden among the people; Gen 31:37 you have felt through all my goods, what have you found?
#911 the 19,111th Bible verse; Jer 6:21 thus says the LORD, "Behold, I am laying stumbling blocks before this people... #apologetics #jesus
#119/#911 - Coincidence? Gen 11:9 Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of the whole earth
#911 in Bible Neh 9:11 they passed through the midst of the sea..their pursuers You hurled into the depths #Christianity
#911; Dan 9:11 "Indeed all Israel has transgressed Your law and turned aside, not obeying Your voice; so the curse has been poured out on us
#Bible's #911/#119 symbolize "nations" that turn from God and who the Lord will take action against - best example: 22,000th verse Dan 9:11
#911 in Bible Rev 9:11 They have as king..the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon #bible_prophecy #theology #apologetics
#911 in Bible; 11911th #bible verse 2Chr 33:2 He did evil in the sight of the LORD according to the abominations of the nations #jesustweets
#911 The 911th chapter of the Bible; Hag 2 I am going to shake the heavens and the earth #apologetics #theology #prophecy
#911 September 11th in the Bible; Dan 9:11 Israel transgressed Your law turned aside not obeying..the curse has been poured out #jesustweets
#911 in Bible Ezr 9:11 The are an unclean land..with their abominations..from end to end  #aword

Symbolism #35/#53 glorified/lifted up/set free-5333rd Bible verse; Deu 15:13 When you set him free, you shall not send him away empty-handed
#35/#53/#153/#135 Glory of God - the 13553rd verse of the #Bible - Job 29:20 My glory is ever new with me #theology #jesustweets #jesus
#35 related to the Glory of God - Ex 40:"35" "The Cloud" in the tent of meeting - The Glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle #apologetics
#53/#35 (353) - the 153rd Bible verse; Gen 6:15 Dimensions of ark that lifted up and saved the remnant 300x50x30 (3-5-3) cubits #jesustweets
#153/#135 being lifted up saved/glorified - John 21:11 Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land, full of 153 large fish - everyone saved
#53/#35 often found associated with the Glory of God - The 53rd verse of the 53 chapter - Ex 3:6 Moses hid his face...afraid to look at God
#153 and #153 (53 and 35) all relate to being lifted up, holy, glorified, heart/soul things - Prov 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Fox News put this on TV today - Luke 1:35 The Holy Spirit will come upon you, the Child to be born will be called the Holy Son of God -#153
#25 Studying 25 all evening caused me to change my definition - it's about men seeing Jesus/God-previous examples are about looking at God

Christmas and #25 - Bible patterns show 25 is about Jesus appearing
#Christmas and #25 (2 and 5); Numbers in text have meaning; 5 loaves/2 fish seem to say #Jesus is revealing he is God/messiah #jesustweeters
#Christmas and #25 - 25 related to seeing #Jesus; Mark 6:38 He said "How many loaves do you have? Go look!" they said "Five, and two fish"
#Christmas and #25 - 25, 52, 5/2 related numbers - John 6:9 a lad is here with five barley loaves and two fish - Lad = Jesus? #apologetics
#christmas and #25 - 25 is about appearances of #Jesus before men - I suspect 5 loaves and 2 fish is a related symbol - #jesus appearing
#Christmas/#25 seems more about Jesus appearing than his birthday; The 25125th verse - Luke 5:17 #Jesus teaching there before the Pharisees
#christmas and Bible patterns for #25 - The "25025"th verse - Luke "2:51" #Jesus went down to Nazareth; "appearing" #theology #jesustweeters
#christmas and #25 -= #Jesus/God appearances - the 2525th #Bible verse - Exo 34:28 Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights
#Christmas, the #Bible and #25 - the 2500th Bible verse - Exodus 34:3 - no man is to be seen on the mountain - where God is appearing #Jesus
#25 and #Christmas - #Bible's 25,000th verse - 25,000 Luke 2:26 Simeon promised he would SEE the messiah before death - v27 Baby Jesus comes
#Christmas December 25th not likely day for #Jesus birth; #Bible patterns seem to demonstrate #25 is about appearances of God #jesustweeters

Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #7000 - Judg 18:6 Israel asks God/gets approval to take the land
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #6000 - Josh 7:23 Israel reveals hidden idols to God and nation
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #5000 - Deu 3:24 Moses says his journey ended, cannot cross over
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #4000 - Num 10:11 Cloud first moved; wilderness wandering begins
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #3000-Lev 11:2 What Israel may eat-Israel to be separate and holy
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #2000-Exo 17:16 The LORD declares a permanent war against Amalek
Genesis 34 - the most Godless chapter in Bible; Only one outside Ester where God not mentioned-Chapter of sin/Israel justifies a great sin
Every 1000th verse of the Bible marks an important transition in history - #1000 - Genesis 34:19 Deceit agreed sets up a great sin by Israel


#666 and evil/sin - 666th verse of Matthew - 20:(v18) …the Son of Man will be delivered to the chief priests..they will condemn Him to death
#666 and evil/sin - 666th verse of 1Kings - 18:42 So Ahab went up...he crouched down...and put his face between his knees (scared to death)
#666 and evil/sin - 666th verse of Deuteronomy -- 25:11 "If …a man and his countryman are struggling...and the wife...seizes his genitals…
#666, the number of the Beast, is found associated to sin/wickedness many places in the Bible...  #apologetics #theology


#777 about perfection/made perfect/pure The Bible's 17777th verse Isa 6:7 -your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven #apologetics
#777 about perfect/made perfect/pure - The Bible's 7777th verse 1Sam 21:4 There is no ordinary bread on hand but there is consecrated bread
#Bible number patterns #777 is number of perfection - the 30,777th verse; Rev 4:8 "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is THE LORD GOD, THE ALMIGHTY" #prophecy

#tweology #126 and Jesus Return,  #Jews rejoice- Psa 126:1 When the LORD brought back the captive ones of Zion, We were like those who dream
#126 and Day of the Lord; 2nd chance for Jews; 126th chapter-the second Passover; Num 9:11 the 2nd month, the 14th day they shall observe it
Number patterns show #Bible's DNA-12:6=1260 Mark 12:6 "He had one more to send saying, 'They will respect my son.' #tweology Day of the Lord
Number patterns show #Bible's DNA; c/v 12:6=1260; Matt 12:6 "But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here  #tweology
#tweology 1260th verse of Jeremiah v50:40 "As when God overthrew Sodom And Gomorrah...desolation" #1260 and Jesus return
#tweology 1260th verse of Isaiah - Isa 65:17 "Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth" - #1260 and Jesus return
#tweology #1260 and Jesus return- beyond our comprehension; the Bible has a DNA like perfection in bk, chap, verse order in every direction
#tweology 1260th verse of Numbers- v35:19 The blood avenger himself shall put the murderer to death when he meets him-#1260 and Jesus return
Lord's return & #126; #126th verse of Amos v 8:9 "It will come about in that day.,at noon the sun will go down and the earth dark" #tweology
#tweology #126 is related to 1260 days, 3.5 years 42 months - 126th verse of Isa - Isa 6:11 "Lord, how long?" - "Until cities are devastated
#tweology Dan "12:6" said to the man dressed in linen "How long until the end?" - answer: times-time and 1/2 a time-verse ref 126=1260 days?
#tweology Rev 12:6 ..the woman fled into the wilderness...there she will be nourished for 1260 days - Verse reference of 126 a coincidence?

#Bible Text Number match chap/ver Rev 17:7 I will tell the mystery of the woman w/seven heads and ten horns #apologetics
#Bible Text Number match chapter/verse Gen 7:4 after seven days I will send rain forty days and forty nights #apologetics
#Bible Text Number match chap/ver Gen 7:2 take of every clean animal by sevens...and of the not clean, two #apologetics
#Bible Text Number match chap/ver -Zech 7:5 When you fasted and mourned in the fifth and seventh months these seventy years...  #apologetics
#Bible Text Number match chap/ver - 2Kin 2:24 two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number #apologetics

These Evidences the 31 transitional verses show the DNA like perfection of the Bible; perfect through old/new testaments...God #apologetics
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 31,000th - Rev 18:6 "Pay her back as she has paid..give her back double...
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 30,000th -Heb 3:4 every house is built by someone but God is builder of all things
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 26,000th - Luke 24:8 And they remembered His words.
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 24,000th - Matt 24:42 be on the alert, you do not know which day your Lord comes
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 22,000th - Dan 9:11 "Indeed all Israel has transgressed Your law and turned aside
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 18,000th - Isa 18:2 To a people feared far and wide, A powerful/oppressive nation
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 10,000th - 2Kin 17:16 They forsook all the commandments of the LORD & served Baal
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 9000th - 1Kings 8:14 the king faced about and blessed all the assembly of Israel
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 8000th - 1Samuel 30:21 ...then David approached the people and greeted them...
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 7000th - Judg 18:6 The priest said "Go in peace; your way has the LORD'S approval"
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 6000th - Josh 7:23 ...they poured them out before the LORD (the ban: sin revealed)
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 5000th - Deu 3:24 'O Lord GOD, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 4000th - Num 10:11 in the 2nd year, 2nd month, 20th he month, the cloud lifted...
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 3000th - Lev 11:2 Speak to the sons of Israel 'These are the creatures you may eat
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 2000th - Exo 17:16 "the LORD will have war against Amalek generation to generation
Evidences of Bibles 31 transitional verses #apologetics - 1000th - Gen 34:19 The young man did not delay..because he was delighted...
#apologetics - the 31 "thousand verse" divisions of the #Bible begin/end 31 major sections of scripture #jesustweeters
Count for yourself-the Bible's 31,102 verses have 31 transitional verses on exact 1000 verse boundaries; 31 major sections #apologetics

#100 is number of things ready 100% - 100th verse of Revelation (6:4) a red horse went out granted to take peace from earth #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished/complete 100% - 100th verse of Hebrews (6:19) This hope we have both sure and steadfast #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished/fulfilled 100% - 100th verse of Phillipians (4:19) God will supply all (100%) your needs ... #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished/ready 100% - 100th verse of 2Corinthians (6:2) "behold, now is "THE DAY OF SALVATION" #apologetics #jesus
#100 is number of things finished 100% - 100th verse of Luke (2:20) The shepherds went back, glorifying and praising God... #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished 100% - 100th verse of Daniel (3:30) Then the king made Shadrach/Meshach/Abed-nego to prosper #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished 100% - 100th verse of Songs (7:10) "I am (100%) my beloved's, And his desire is for me  #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished 100% - 100th verse of Joshua (6:2) The LORD said "See, I have given Jericho into your hand #apologetics
#100 is number of things finished 100% - 100th verse of Exodus (4:31) So the people believed..then they bowed low and worshiped #apologetics
God's number 100 is like 100%-things fulfilled/completed-number of totality - 2Chr 6:12 is 100th book verse-Jesus enters temple #apologetics

Numeric Map - God's numbers are to be praised, not feared. Evil has caused us to associate numbers with "the occult" - doesn't make them bad
Numeric Map evidence can be dismissed, but not explained away; Matt 24:42 is 24,000th verse, 24th chap, 42nd ver "Day" of Lord #jesustweets
Map-we had no idea God could/would preserve his word to the extent he did - Psalm 12:7 You, O LORD, will keep him (His Word) #jesustweets
Map-we had no idea of perfection God meant in declaring Matt 5:18 "not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law" #jesustweeters
The numeric map is easy for anyone to confirm once they comprehend the simple pattern and number symbolism #jesustweeters

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Series DNA Bible - Evidence #4 - 1260 days of end times confirmed in Revelation 12:6 (1260)

Revelation 12:6 predicting 1260 days until Jesus return - chapter and verse confirm the number...
Here’s one last example of hundreds of times in the Bible where chapter and verse reference numbers directly relate to verse text and thus form a type of validation check proving the accuracy and content of the Bible has not been compromised over the ages. One of the most well-known prophecies of the Bible is found in the book of Revelation:  
Revelation 12:6 “Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God, so that there she would be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.”
That’s 1,260 days, a number that directly reflects the chapter and verse reference of Revelation 12:6. There’s no mistaking that if God placed a validation criteria with every verse number in the Bible, this chapter and verse certainly matches the text is was designed to be with. This is one of thousands of examples where numbers associated with verses directly reflect the some aspect of the message in the text.

Want more evidence:
  1. The 216th verse of Revelation (gematria relates to #1260) is tells of 42 months; 3 1/2 years; or 1,260 days that blasphemies would continue - Rev 13:5 There was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him. Here again, we find a 1260 related number in the Bible's precise DNA like verse numbering.
  2. In Daniel 12:6 the prophet Daniel asked how long will these wonders last and the Lord answered 3 1/2 years (same as 1260 days or 42 months). Daniel 12:6-7 And one said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, "How long will it be until the end of these wonders?" v7 I heard the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, as he raised his right hand and his left toward heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever that it would be for a time, times, and half a time. Again, a verse number 12:6 related to a very special prophecy about the 1260 days. Note: some dispute this verse refers to 3 1/2 years but the chapter and verse numbers convince me.
There's many other examples of how both the number 26 and the number 126 point so often to the special days of the Lord but these should be enough to cause you to suspect there might be something to this DNA like Bible numbering.

Series DNA Bible - Evidence #3 - The 24,000 verse and the Day of the Lord

Evidence # 3: An amazing alignment of 24s on the 24,000th verse

The next compelling evidence I have for you is from another well-known portion of the Bible—Matthew 24, which is the record of Jesus’ disciples asking Him about the end of the age: “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” Jesus gave them a long answer that is found in the entire chapter - but in verse 42 He makes this key statement: “Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which DAY your Lord is coming.” Jesus says, “…you do not know which day your Lord is coming.”  And this key verse about when the Lord will return is the 24,000th Bible verse.

Coincidences of #24 and the 24,000th verse - A day is made up of twenty-four hours and 24 is the key to this very special Bible verse. In Matthew 24:42 we have Jesus telling His twelve disciples they cannot know on which DAY the end of the age will begin; this is the 24th chapter about the DAY of the Lord; it is the 42nd and key verse of the chapter; and 42 is in Hebrew Gematria equal to 24; Sound like a coincidence? If you really mentally chew on the intersections of #24 on this 24,000th verse, whatever you might imagine the cause to be, it surely is not likely coincidence.

I asked a mathematician friend to calculate the probability of all these 24s lining up like this. His answer: 53 trillion to one, which also can be shown as .00000000000053 percent. By comparison, the probability of an intense hurricane making landfall in Cumberland County Maine is .1 percent.
            In other words, Maine is trillions of times more likely to be hit by a major hurricane than the likelihood of all these numbers aligning by accident. By the way, during the entire twentieth century Maine was hit by seven relatively minor hurricanes; not one of them was more than a Category-one (minor) hurricane by the time it reached that northern New England state.

Series DNA Bible - Evidence #2 - The Bible's Center Verse

Evidence #2: An amazing center verse
Now, again looking at the Bible as an “organic whole,” we find that, from beginning to end, this ancient book has 31,102 verses. What verse do you suppose fits exactly in the middle of these 31,102 verses? The answer is Psalm 103:2; it is the “hinge” verse. So the last verse of the first half of the Bible is 103:1, and the first verse of the second half is 103:3. The middle verse of the Bible’s 31,102 verses is found in Psalm 103:2! 
Psa 103:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name.
Psa 103:2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits; 
Psalm 103:1 happens to be the 15551st Bible verse and is at the exact center of the Bible. In addition to this curious middle verse number there are also other strangely perfect looking things about this verse; it is the first verse of a chapter; this chapter has 22 verses and you will find elsewhere on this website that #22 is a number that speaks of Jesus, the Alpha and Omega; this verse and this center chapter concentrates on praising the Lord (Jesus); and it is curious this is the 1611 verse of Psalms which might relate it to the 1611 King James Bible that is the one I suspect is the first perfectly structured Bible version.
             At this point you may be saying, “Okay, those are some fascinating coincidences, but they’re nothing more than coincidences. Besides, the chapter and verse numbers weren’t even added until centuries after the Bible was compiled.” It’s absolutely correct that chapter and verses were added long after the Bible was written and compiled, and that fits my point exactly. If God used more than forty authors over a span of more than 1,500 years to compose the books of the Bible and then guarded the compilation of those sixty-six books into one book, then why wouldn’t He continue to guard its integrity even as chapter and verse numbers were added centuries later? What else could explain such precision? If your response is that I’ve shown you just two coincidences, then let’s continue.

Series DNA Bible - Evidence #1 - the center chapter of the Bible

Evidence #1: Psalm 117, an amazing centerpoint
So, if we look at the Bible as one book (made up of sixty-six smaller books), then from the beginning (Genesis 1) to the end (Revelation 22), it has 1,189 chapters. The halfway point in those 1,189 chapters, then, is Psalm 117, which has 494 chapters that precede it and 494 chapters that follow it. This shortest-of-all chapters, which forms the halfway “hinge,” captures the essence of the Bible’s message:
Praise the LORD, all nations;
         Laud Him, all peoples!
For His lovingkindness is great toward us,
         And the truth of the LORD is everlasting.
         Praise the LORD!

Series begin - Compelling Evidences for DNA like Bible numbering

Because the topic of this website might seem unbelievable to begin with, and because you are deciding if you really want to read on, let’s look at some surprising evidence that only God could have placed in the Bible. You can immediately confirm each of these evidences for yourself using any King James or similarly structured version of the Bible that has sixty-six books, from Genesis to Revelation. This is the first in a series of entries that reveal the existence of a precise, DNA-like numeric map created and preserved by God in Bibles used by millions today. Yet these amazing features have been overlooked for centuries. Each of these evidences is compelling in itself, but together they present a difficult-to-dispute argument that the specific author and writer of every word of the Bible was God Himself. If these evidences are not chance, then the only reasonable explanation of their existence is that the Bible is a supernatural creation.