Saturday, January 15, 2011

Series begin - Compelling Evidences for DNA like Bible numbering

Because the topic of this website might seem unbelievable to begin with, and because you are deciding if you really want to read on, let’s look at some surprising evidence that only God could have placed in the Bible. You can immediately confirm each of these evidences for yourself using any King James or similarly structured version of the Bible that has sixty-six books, from Genesis to Revelation. This is the first in a series of entries that reveal the existence of a precise, DNA-like numeric map created and preserved by God in Bibles used by millions today. Yet these amazing features have been overlooked for centuries. Each of these evidences is compelling in itself, but together they present a difficult-to-dispute argument that the specific author and writer of every word of the Bible was God Himself. If these evidences are not chance, then the only reasonable explanation of their existence is that the Bible is a supernatural creation.

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