Thursday, March 25, 2010

About the Bible's Number 111 -- The Trinity...clues to the mystery of 111

The Bible's Number 111 -- Trinity, things set  apart, and things counted - Seems very often related to the trinity -- father/son/spirit but also seen in lists of things and sets of three. Number one is about God and 1-1-1 appears many times to be about the three aspects of God or what we refer to as the trinity.

Number 111 and the Trinity..

There is ongoing debate and questions regarding the concept of the trinity; where it is most clearly seen in the BIble; and even if it is a valid concept. The symbolic theme of the Bible's number 111 and supporting evidence for it may not solve the question, but it certainly adds more information to be studied. Look for the evidence in the examples for 111 below. Just FYI, the best evidence I know of for the trinity is in the the ten "I am" statements in John. Scholars compress the first three of these statements into one and call them the 7 or 8 "I Am" statements, but I contend they are evidence of the Trinity and that the Bible's Redemption Pattern confirms this -- but that's for another discussion. To research this suggestion for the trinity, see John 6:35 "I am the bread of life"; John 6:41 "I am the bread that came down out of heaven."; and John 6:51 "I am the living bread that came down out of heaven".

In this example for 111 I provide a longer list of verses for those who like to discover for themselves the preponderance of evidence for a number theme. The verse references below are related to 111 and 1:11 and often strikingly reveal the themes related to number one. In the examples, look for evidence of the trinity (111); for lists of three things; and for verses counting or singling out instances of things. Note that my highlighting is just my opinion because the examples seem to have multiple ways you can observe the pattern:
(no need to examine all these examples - read enough so you begin to see the pattern)
  • Philp 1:11 ... filled with the fruit of righteousness ... through Jesus Christ,.. to the glory and praise of God.
  • Mrk 1:11 ...a voice came out of the heavens: "You are My beloved Son,... in You I am well-pleased."
  • 1Pet 1:11 seeking to know... the Spirit of Christ ... the sufferings of Christ ... the glories to follow.
  • Nahm 1:11 From you has gone forth... One who plotted evil... A wicked counselor.
  • 2Tim 1:11 ...I was appointed a preacher and an apostle and a teacher.
  • Mal 1:11 "... My name will be great ...offered to My name... My name will be great....
  • Col 1:11 strengthened with all power,... according to His glorious might,... attaining of all steadfastness...
  • 1Tim 1:11 according to the glorious gospel... of the blessed God, ... which I have been entrusted.
  • Psa 111:3 Splendid... and majestic....His righteousness endures forever.
  • Psa 111:1 ....I will give thanks... with all my heart,.. In the company of the upright ...and in the assembly. (Notice the four ones in the verse reference)
  • Psa 111:6 He has made known... to His people... the power of His works,...
  • Psa 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;... His commandments;... His praise..
  • John 1:11 He came... to His own... His own did not receive Him.
  • 2Chr 1:11 have asked for yourself ...that you may rule ...
  • Eph 1:11 ...have obtained an inheritance,... having been predestined...after the counsel of His will,
  • 2Cor 1:11 ...joining in helping us ... so that thanks may be given   ...for the favor bestowed on us....
  • Eze 1:11 Such were their faces...Their wings ... their bodies.
  • Hab 1:11 "...they will sweep through... they will be held guilty,... They whose strength is their god."
  • 1Sam 1:11 ...if You will...look on the affliction... and remember me... not forget..."
  • Gal 1:11 ...I would have you know, ... the gospel which was preached by me... is not according to man.
  • Heb 1:11 They will perish,,... but you remain;...they all will become old...,
  • Deu 1:11 'May the LORD, ... God of your fathers, ...bless you,... just as He has promised...!
  • Ruth 1:11 But Naomi said, "Return, my daughters... Why should you go with me?... Have I yet sons in my womb...?
  • 2Kin 1:11 ...sent to him...captain of fifty ...with his fifty..... "O man of God, ...thus says the king..., 'Come down quickly.' "
  • Neh 1:11 " the prayer of Your servant ...the prayer of Your servants ...make Your servant successful...
  • Job 1:11 "But put forth Your hand ... touch all that he has;... he will surely curse You to Your face."
  • Prov 1:11 ..."Come with us,... Let us lie in wait for blood,... Let us ambush the innocent...;
  • Ecc 1:11 remembrance of earlier things;...of the later things ... those who will come later
  • Isa 1:11 "What are your...sacrifices to Me?..."I have had enough of burnt offerings...I take no pleasure in ...
  • Lam 1:11 ...They have given ... To restore their lives, ...themselves...."
  • Joel 1:11 Be ashamed, O farmers,... Wail, O vinedressers, ...Because the destroyed.
  • Zep 1:11 "Wail, O inhabitants...all the people...will be silenced; All who weigh out silver will be cut off.
  • Rom 1:11 ...I long to see you ...that I may impart some spiritual gift to you,.. that you may be established;
  • Jam 1:11 For the sun rises...its flower falls off...the beauty of its appearance is destroyed;.
  • 2Pet 1:11 for in this way...the entrance into the eternal kingdom ...our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...
  • Rev 1:11 saying, "...send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea." -- (things singled out and/or counted)


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    I understand the pattern. You have underlined key phrases. I have had dreams for the past five years, that this number 111 is going to play an important part in the end, and that I play an important role "Endures forever, in the company of the Up Right" I understand the four ones. 1 is for God 1 is for The Son 1 is for the holly spiry. Then the detached last number 1 The Light Bearer.

    1. Thanks for your note. It's nice to know others find these posts worth reading.

    2. Anonymous1:48 PM

      You are right, anonymous. 111 will play a role at the end of time. We have the Christian symbol of the trinity, but Trinity is primarily not the number 3, it is 111. A good deal has been said about symbolism in movies. Note the movie National Treasure, and in its ending, where the treasure is found in Trinity Church (Look up Trinity School, NY). Also The Matrix movie, where one of the protagonists is named Trinity. The sexual scene in there is deeply esoteric. And of course, we have the Trinity site as the location of the first atomic bomb. Oppenheimer's comment about 'now being the destroyer of worlds', is connected to his choice of the word 'trinity' in naming the atomic site. (And we can't forget the three pillars of Free Masonry), etc. The list is extensive and loaded with astronomic-physics, and esoteric meaning.

    3. I am not a Biblical scholar so I can't make an argument for what people believed. Just evidences that I feel supports what I believe.

    4. I saw 1:11 on June 12 am and pm. Then again on June 13. 1:11pm
      June 26 1:11pm
      I had a frightening dream as if someone was trying to smother me...I awoke at 4:27am. Look up 427 in Jewish Gematria. I am not Jewish but I am a Christ follower.

    5. DoninTennessee1:37 AM

      I've been seeing the numbers in time for about 3 years. I thought I was crazy. Even told my friends and just they looked at me like I was weird. Great to find I have angels in my life. Also good to find there is other's like me.

    6. I have seen 111 everywhere, all of my life. I know things others do not, and I can see things others do not. I also believe that the reason why is that I am supposed to help the entire world. Hundreds of people talk about the light that I bear... I am of God, and I am here to help the people from the suffering.

    7. MagneticLion1:04 AM

      Reachoutyourhand! Wow i feel the same way! I feel that i have a mission to heal the world! I also feel things and see things and get very emotional when i am with one with god. I talk to him all the time. Sometimes he makes me happy and sometime he upsets me but i know its for my own good and the good of others. Im not sure yet what i am supposed to do but i know that i am a light that magnetizes people to me. So i know i must use this power to attract and teach the others about love and how much we are loved by the greatest one of all. i always let everyone know that god is alive in all of us and he is watching and sending messages to us all the time... I am his daughter and he loves me and everyone. He is truly proud of us. I don't know really what i just read up there but i felt something inside and im not very in to church an all that but i know he is giving me messages and direction. My emotions run very high when i am one with him.

    8. MagneticLion1:12 AM

      I have been seeing the numbers for a year now...i am being enlightened and understand that i am becoming what he wants me to be. I need more work but ill get there. all i know is that i believe!!!

    9. Wow this is just crazy I'm reading this thread, and I'm having similar experiences with the 111 I lived in a house with that address for 25 years. My little sister was born on January 11th 2000, my grandfather lives in a nursing home and his room number was 111, and then every time I look at the clock I commonly see it's either 1:11 a.m. or 1:11 p.m. I also have a smartwatch my heartbeat is always 111 when I look at it that's creepy as hell. So there's quite a bit of things that kind of weird me out about the 111 but I've kind of always looked at it like good luck charm kind of. Oh also my father was play the lottery and he would play 111 as one of those lottery numbers funny it's just odd how it's always showed up in my life I'm 29 years old and it shows up constantly even my dad mom my sister they all know.

  2. I see 111 and 1:11 every day many times a day. I am seeking a true understanding of the meaning. Thanks for sharing this. God bless!

    1. Anonymous2:23 AM

      I hear you my friend...all of the time now

  3. Anonymous10:23 PM

    the number 111 has made me a believer in jesus Christ its a long story but my mom died on January 1st 2014 and her services were on 111 and I relized that the lord has been with me for a very long time and its amazing im very excited when I read the word because I know its the truth

  4. I started seeing 111 4 week ago from today 9/9/2015...first on a building...2seconds later on a licence plate, then it started to appear wherever it pleases...even when i have forgotten...I am a Christian and am looking for the Truth to this, however i do believe only God can reveal what it really means to each person He has to witness it...peace to all and great wealth in knowledge to the things of God.

  5. I started seeing 111 4 week ago from today 9/9/2015...first on a building...2seconds later on a licence plate, then it started to appear wherever it pleases...even when i have forgotten...I am a Christian and am looking for the Truth to this, however i do believe only God can reveal what it really means to each person He has to witness it...peace to all and great wealth in knowledge to the things of God.

    1. Thanks for your note. What I've written about numbers may certainly be incorrect, but I do try to establish a Biblical basis for all my writings. If you should find other opinions on #1 you might want to compare them to the #1 number and text associations in the Bible. Everything God does lines up with His Word.

  6. I've been seeing this number 1:11, 11:1 in real time, videos, or pictures for the last few days. Just today as I was watching Bible Prophecy, I just look up and there it is 1:11 am. I felt like time froze for a while, I thought I was looking at a picture with that number on it. Then I realize it's in real time. Now that got me into thinking what's up with that number. Then I search the web and found this. Thank God it has a beautiful meaning. Maranatha! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus, come! :) thanks for this post and God bless!

  7. I too see 111 and 1111 constantly and have for many years. My birthday is also 1/11. I've read quit a bit of differing views on the number 1 and 11 and then 111. Wish there was more concise info.

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      ive been seeing 1:11 for many years too. my birthdate also is 1:11. now last couple of weeks been seeing 4:44 along with it. I was told by a friend who is on youtube that 1:11 means beloved son and 4:44 means destruction or judgement.


  9. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing. Want me to come back from the dead and one more time than its one million dollars people who play a role in this process is not an easy way out. You get down or You die and they'll getaway with it. I uprooted trees and shrubs and flowers in this case of an easy for me but don't worry I'll see you soon love Pereseit who am I ,111 x4 they name be 444 = perfect love 111 = my bday party all saints day better known to me as all souls day so if u want eternal life that thou serve me in next after lifetaker or is it lifesaver meant that thou art the dead world the next one is really living that y had it said death is sweet dreams of becoming an increasingly important. I root you.

  10. I picked up a packet of bread ,a carton of milk and two sashes of Nescafé and my bill was exactly 111. I googled the number and read the lines " this angel number can even show up on your mundane grocery bill " ! And yes ! It's the trinity number !!!

  11. Praise the lord ! I happen to post this exactly at 1:11 pm !!! OMG !!

  12. My brother passed away this year on 11/1. He was involved in a fatal car accident with 2 other people who didn't make it. One of the other 2 people who passed in the other car shared the name of my deceased grandfather, which is not a common name. My dad was the first one to notice the signs from the bible. I have been looking for this and it given to me. Praise God !

  13. My boyfriend and I share the same birthday, January 11th, 111 four years apart, and as Jesus would do, saved me from homelessness. I've always thought of the numbers as three crosses, now I know why.

  14. Repeating numbers are known as Angel numbers ..your Angels communicate with you through signs and numbers you look at the clock and see the same number, or on a license plate or in a bill or phone number's not coincidence but rather your Angels trying to get your attention ..the repeating number 111 is a message from your Angels that a time of manifestations is opening for you and it's important to listen to your intuition at this time aware of the influence you hold over were your path is going ,focus only on what you want not what you don't as your thoughts ,words and actions are Co creating your coming experiences. .use only positive words and set positive intentions ,ask your Angels to help guide you to fufil your life purpose now ,yiur being asked to awaken to the higher calling Within you and to pursue your goals and dreams ..the number 444 is the number for Archangels and this is to bring you hope and reactance that many Angels surround you now and are working behind the scenes on your behalf ..keep moving forward and belive in yourself you are loved and supported as you move forward now ..everything will work out in divine timing and in divine order have faith

    1. Mr. Maguire.. The numbers 777 so clear and crisp in a dream that awaken me 2 years ago. What is the significance?

    2. So when was bible scriptures numbered? I wanted to know about 111 not what some numbering system what a 1000 years AFTER CHRIST says... there were no scripture numbers....

  15. 777..
    I have clearly seen this sign coming across the dead of the night as a neon blue street sign so high above me in my dream 2 years ago... Please help me understand the biblical/ supernatural interpretation.

  16. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Oh my gosh I have seen the 11:11 for 3 years non stop. It was literally everywhere. Microwave, my clocks, receipts, page numbers, mileages, even the change in my purse all 1's and on it went. Glad to know I haven't lost my mind now I understand what is happening far better than I did.

  17. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I was in a hotel this past April 11 My so called friend that drop me off? She went home called cops had me set up! My room number of the hotel that night 111 ?

  18. I had a dream on 1/11/18. I was going to my mother's house for a visit, she passed away a few years ago, she stood in front of her house looking very serious, but would not allow me to go to her. So I yelled, mom, Jesus came to visit me and told me that HE is coming very soon. On 3/25/18 I woke up from a terrifying dream and my eyes fell on the clock. It was 1:11 a.m. It took me a while to connect this time to my 1/11 dream. In this dream, we were living life as normal and all of a sudden China invaded the nations around her. I was there with a couple other caucasions, but everyone else were Asian. We were hiding in school basements and wherever we could, there were no lights. People were saying that the executioners are coming to kill everyone who is not Chinese and we were shown pictures of Chinese so we can distinguish between them and the rest of the Asian population. The executors came into the dark basement where I was and were coming toward me. I somehow knew that I was safe, he was not going to hurt me, but I still laid low on the ground. I walked around me and mumbled "I don't deal with gypsies" No clue what this means, very odd. Then we ended up outside and we were trying to hide. These executioners were walking around with machetes and cutting up people, with no emotions on their faces. People were saying that this is now spreading to the rest of the world. China started the big war, I knew this when I woke up. I got sick to my stomach it was such an intense and vivid dream, it took me over an hour to get better. JESUS is coming!!

  19. Anonymous5:36 AM

    I once saw a vision in which i was being shown a lot of properties that i am going to have including businesses. The one who was showing me in the end put a telephone set next to me and said all you need to do to possess all these is to dial 111. That has left me puzzled i have also searched endlessly for the meaning of 111 for years now

  20. I've been seeing 911 for years. I know that ppl associate that with the Twin Towers. But I don't feel like that's why I see it so much. Deep down I feel like I see I notice it. I catch it everyday with a feeling it had a deeper meaning. I catch 3:27 a lot too. What does it mean

  21. It's definitely about the Trinity, I have seen this for years and prayed a lot, I used to be confused how God was one person but could be Jesus at the same time but then why did Jesus pray to himself it was confusing to me and God described to me through these numbers how it worked. You see there are three ones they are all exactly the same but in three forms that is how he works