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A Bible code validating the Joining of the Old Testament and New Testament - #929

Bible Patterns in the Numeric Map - Like Referenced Cross-Book Verse Numbers--929

I never tire of showing the DNA like perfection of God's numbering of the Bible. If there were not such an abundance of evidence we could never imagine the depth of complexity of the many sequence numbers that can be found in the Bible. One of these, the Book Verse Number, can be found by sequentially numbering the verses in each book of the Bible. Amazingly, there are similar themes running through verses with like book verse numbers. My guess for why this occurs is that the text for each Bible verse appears to correspond to the combination of numbers associated with the text. I often wonder if we knew God's algorythm we might be able to reconstruct verse text using numbers. I don't imagine we can ever understand this because, for one reason, we don't know all the numbers associated with verses. We know there are book numbers, chapter numbers, verse numbers, Bible chapter numbers, Bible verse numbers and book verse numbers - but I suppose there are many more. For whatever reason it happens, the consistency of themes for cross-book verse numbers are both a guide to finding verses with related themes and are a way of helping to determining number themes.

Following below is a list for the total of 14 verses that have a cross-book verse number of 929. This number seems very powerful in its relationship to the numbers 99, 29 and 92. All numbers related to the return of the Lord Jesus (in the air - passing over). It seems no coincidence there are 14 of these verses since #14 is the number for Jesus, our Great High Priest and Savior of the World. Before examining that list, there's one more very special Bible numbering relating to 929 and demonstrating its theme.
Anoter very special relationship to the number 929 is that it is the cross-Bible chapter number of the last chapter of the Old Testament - Malachi 4. This is another major evidence for the theme of 29 and 929 because the New Testament is about God/Jesus coming to earth and the numbers 99, 29 and 92 point to themes about Jesus coming again in the last days. Note, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and the first chapter of the New Testament is the 930th chapter (93 is 39 in reverse) - This seems to be an indication of how the Bible's New Testament is a precisely placed part of the Bible that speaks of the messiah Isrqel still looks for today.

AMAZING COINCIDENCE? Psalms 117 is the exact centerpoint chapter of the Bible as it is the 595th of 1189 chapters and also contains the 1929th and 1930th verses of the Psalms. The Bible's number patterns show these numbers directly relate to numbers 929 and 930. The two verses in this shortest and center Bible chapter has cross-book verse numbers that seem to point to the exact division of the last chapter of the Old Testament and the first chapter of the New Testament. If you ponder the numbers for a minute, this seems an impossible coincidence. It appears God has placed a hidden code in the Bible that validates the joining of the Old Testament and New Testament. The Bible's Numeric Map is not just interesting, it is a Bible validating code.
Back to the 929 verses -Examine the example verses for yourself to observe the 99 related themes running through each of them. I've organized the list by the subtheme that might be associated with them. As you examine them, compare the text to number 29/92/99 subthemes about last things and the return of the Lord ; The Rapture; Jesus witnessing about himself to the Jews; the wrath of God during the last days; the rebuilding of the temple; and others.

Note, the 99 related return of the Lord theme is about the Lord returning to pass over the earth and other events related to Jesus return in the air. I believe his actual return to stand on the earth is related to the symbolism to number 10 or 100.

Bookverses - 929 - The Return of the Lord

  1. Matt 26:19 The disciples did as Jesus had directed them; and they prepared the Passover.
  2. Isa 45:22 "Turn to Me and be saved,...For I am God, and there is no other.
  3. Psa 117:1 Praise the LORD, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples! (Jesus appears)
  4. Luke 20:43 UNTIL I MAKE YOUR ENEMIES A FOOTSTOOL FOR YOUR FEET.'" (chapter about the authority of Jesus)

Bookverses - 929 - The Jews Coming to Know the Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Exo 32:23 "For they said to me, 'Make a god for us who will go before us; for this Moses, the man who brought us up from the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.' (Israel rejecting God)
  2. Job 38:5 Who set its measurements? Since you know. Or who stretched the line on it? (The Lord confronts Job about knowing God – the 13,799th verse)
  3. Act 26:29 ...Paul said, "I would wish to God, that whether in a short or long time, not only you, but also all who hear me this day, might become such as I am..." (in verse 29 a believer in chains for Jesus)
  4. Psa 65:8 They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy. (a Psalm of the Glory of earth upon the Lord's return)
  5. 1Chr 29:17 "Since I know, O my God, that You try the heart and delight in uprightness, I, in the integrity of my heart, have willingly offered all these things; so now with joy I have seen Your people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly to You. (In chapter 29 people accept Jesus? David appears before the people—the temple ready to be built by Solomon)

Bookverses - 929 - The Wrath of God at the Lord's Return

  1. Deu 33:11 "O LORD, bless his substance, And accept the work of his hands; Shatter the loins of those who rise up against him, And those who hate him, so that they will not rise again."
  2. Eze 36:34 "The desolate land will be cultivated instead of being a desolation in the sight of everyone who passes by.

Bookverses - 929- Unsure of Subtheme for these...

  1. Gen 31:55 Early in the morning Laban arose, and kissed his sons and his daughters and blessed them. Then Laban departed and returned to his place.
  2. Num 26:44 The sons of Asher according to their families: of Imnah, the family of the Imnites; of Ishvi, the family of the Ishvites; of Beriah, the family of the Beriites.
  3. Jer 37:1 Now Zedekiah the son of Josiah whom Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had made king in the land of Judah, reigned as king in place of Coniah the son of Jehoiakim. (the antichrist as king?)
Hopefully you can see how the above verses seem to relate to events associated with the last days and return of the Lord.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bible's number symbolism - #22 Jesus the Suffering Servant, Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End

The Bible's Number 22 -- Twenty-Two is the number associated with Jesus Christ as God's Suffering Servant. How do we this is the theme? We learn of God's numbers themes by examining what numbers are commonly associated with throughout the Bible. We look for prevailing patterns to help us understand common themes. One of the best evidences for number themes is to look for common concepts found in like chapter numbers. This is the method used here to demonstrate the theme for #22, here but it is only a tiny fraction of the available evidence. At the bottom of this list is a link to an additional page that has more evidence supporting the theme. During your own Bible study, watch anything associated with number 22 and you will be surprised how often you can find themes matching Jesus or things directly opposed to him.

Chapter #22s themes point to Jesus who came to save and protect us

  • There are twenty-two chapter twenty-twos in the Bible and this is the only chapter number that has a like number of chapters -- a clue to the extra special nature of this number. I've included a brief description to how Jesus relates to the themes in ten of these chapters. The other chapter twenty-twos also point to Jesus. The Bible's chapter 22's are compelling evidence of the consistency of the Bible's Numeric Map as well as the theme for #22.

    • Genesis 22 - Abraham takes Isaac up to the mountain of God as a sacrifice -- Gen 22:2 He said, "Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, ...offer him there as a burnt offering...". Note 50 is a number of debts forgiven and Jubilee and this is the 550th verse of the Bible.

    • Numbers 22 – The Angel of the Lord blocks the narrow path - Many Christian scholars agree that it appears when the Angel of the Lord is mentioned in the Bible is it likely an appearance or foreshadowing of Jesus. In Numbers 22 we find the Angel of the Lord blocking the way (the narrow door)-- v22 …the angel of the LORD took his stand in the way...Now he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with him. v26 The angel of the LORD ...stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn to the right hand or the left.

    • Leviticus 22 A perfect sacrifice is demanded (Jesus)-- v32 ...I am the LORD who sanctifies you, v33 who brought you out from the land of Egypt, to be your God; I am the LORD."

    • Josh 22 – Building an altar and praising the LORD before crossing the Jordan -- v22 "The Mighty One, God, the LORD, the Mighty One, God, the LORD! v34 v34 ...called the altar Witness; "...it is a witness between us that the LORD is God."

    • Psalms 22 - The savior speaking in the first person speaking from the Cross -- Psalm 22:1 says "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? ..." Again, relating to #50 and Jubilee, this is exactly the 500th chapter of the Bible (10x50).

    • Ezekiel 22 - The LORD's wrath for Jerusalem's sin -- Eze 22:22 '...you will be melted in the midst of it; and you will know that I, the LORD, have poured out My wrath on you. "

    • Matthew 22 – Jesus speaks of the wedding feast, Pharisees plot against him-- v8 …'The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. v15 ...the Pharisees went and plotted together how they might trap Him in what He said.

    • Luke 22 - Jesus betrayed, trials, he declares himself the son of God -- Luke 22:70 ..."Are You the Son of God, then?" And He said to them, "Yes, I am."

    • Acts 22 – Jesus appearance to and conversion of Paul -- v7 ...'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?' v8 "...I answered, 'Who are You, Lord?' And He said to me, 'I am Jesus the Nazarene, whom you are persecuting.'

    • Revaluation 22 – Final chapter of the Bible - Jesus, the Alpha and Omega -- v12 "Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. v13 "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
There are mountains of evidence supporting the association of @22 to the theme of Jesus the Suffering Servant. If you are interested in more than the above, click the following link to a secondary page of evidences for the Bible's #22. (supplemental evidence for #22).

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Numeric Map numbers for Exodus 25:18 are strong clues to Jesus on the Mercy Seat

Numbers 22 and 14 found associated with Exodus 25:18 are strong clues associating the cherubim with Jesus and the Mercy Seat - The Mercy Seat sits above the Ark of the Covenent and is where Christ will one day rule from. There are lots of questions about this seat and new details helping us understand it are valuable. A significant clue about its nature is found in the verse at Exodus 25:18 which tells of the Cherubim found on each side of the Mercy Seat -- "You shall make two cherubim of gold, make them of hammered work at the two ends of the mercy seat. This is the 2214th Bible verse which is made up of two of the most common numbers associated with Jesus; #22 for Jesus the suffering servant; and #14 for Jesus the King and Savior of the World. Coincidence? Not likely, but it is also not clear what the full meaning of this association is. For those who study such things, the Bible's numeric map provides clues we've never had before about this special place. It seems certain these numbers associate Jesus with this throne the messiah will one day rule from.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Bible's Number 14 -- Passover & Jesus, our Great High Priest, King and Savior of the World.

The Bible's Number 14 -- Jesus our Great High Priest, King and Savior of the World. #14 is a very important number to be aware of as it is the number of passover and of Jesus, our Great High Priest, King and Savior of the World (1John 4:14).  Matthew chapter one which introduces Jesus to the Jews, associates Jesus with number 14 three times. Matthew 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; from David to the deportation to Babylon, fourteen generations; and from the deportation to Babylon to the Messiah, fourteen generations.

Number 14 is, in the same way as Passover, the number of our great high priest, Jesus, the redeemer and savoir. -- I have lots of examples of number 14s being associated with Jesus but this like referenced verse set is one of the strongest demonstrations of this number/theme relationship (like referenced verses have common themes running through them).

These are 17 of the Bible’s 45 verses with reference of 4:14. The other’s point to Jesus as well, but in a bit less obvious ways.
  • Exodus 4:14 …the anger of the LORD burned against Moses...
  • Deuteronomy 4:14 "The LORD commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments...
  • Joshua 4:14 On that day the LORD exalted Joshua...
  • Judges 4:14 "...this is the day...the LORD has given Sisera into your hands...the LORD has gone out before you."...
  • Ruth 4:14 "Blessed is the LORD who has not left you without a redeemer today...
  • Ecclesiastes 4:14 … he has come out of prison to become king, even though he was born poor in his kingdom.
  • Ezekiel 4:14 ..."Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I have never been defiled..."
  • Zechariah 4:14 ..."…the two anointed ones who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth."
  • Mark 4:14 "The sower sows the word.
  • Luke 4:14 … Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about Him spread...
  • John 4:14 whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst;..."
  • 2Corinthians 4:14 ...He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus....
  • Galatians 4:14 ... you received me as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus
  • 1Thessalonians 4:14 if we believe that Jesus died and rose again...
  • Hebrews 4:14 ...we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God...
  • 1Peter 4:14 you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory...
  • 1John 4:14 We have seen and testify...the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.
A few other of my favorite #14 related evidences:
  • Revelation 14:14 ...behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man,....
  • Isaiah 14:14 (Satan, wanting to be like Jesus) '...I will make myself like the Most High.'
  • Mark 14:14 ...'The Teacher says, "Where is My guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?'"
    John 14:14 "If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.
  • Isaiah 8:1 (the Bible's 14,014th verse) O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth...

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About the Bible's Number 111 -- The Trinity...clues to the mystery of 111

The Bible's Number 111 -- Trinity, things set  apart, and things counted - Seems very often related to the trinity -- father/son/spirit but also seen in lists of things and sets of three. Number one is about God and 1-1-1 appears many times to be about the three aspects of God or what we refer to as the trinity.

Number 111 and the Trinity..

There is ongoing debate and questions regarding the concept of the trinity; where it is most clearly seen in the BIble; and even if it is a valid concept. The symbolic theme of the Bible's number 111 and supporting evidence for it may not solve the question, but it certainly adds more information to be studied. Look for the evidence in the examples for 111 below. Just FYI, the best evidence I know of for the trinity is in the the ten "I am" statements in John. Scholars compress the first three of these statements into one and call them the 7 or 8 "I Am" statements, but I contend they are evidence of the Trinity and that the Bible's Redemption Pattern confirms this -- but that's for another discussion. To research this suggestion for the trinity, see John 6:35 "I am the bread of life"; John 6:41 "I am the bread that came down out of heaven."; and John 6:51 "I am the living bread that came down out of heaven".

In this example for 111 I provide a longer list of verses for those who like to discover for themselves the preponderance of evidence for a number theme. The verse references below are related to 111 and 1:11 and often strikingly reveal the themes related to number one. In the examples, look for evidence of the trinity (111); for lists of three things; and for verses counting or singling out instances of things. Note that my highlighting is just my opinion because the examples seem to have multiple ways you can observe the pattern:
(no need to examine all these examples - read enough so you begin to see the pattern)
  • Philp 1:11 ... filled with the fruit of righteousness ... through Jesus Christ,.. to the glory and praise of God.
  • Mrk 1:11 ...a voice came out of the heavens: "You are My beloved Son,... in You I am well-pleased."
  • 1Pet 1:11 seeking to know... the Spirit of Christ ... the sufferings of Christ ... the glories to follow.
  • Nahm 1:11 From you has gone forth... One who plotted evil... A wicked counselor.
  • 2Tim 1:11 ...I was appointed a preacher and an apostle and a teacher.
  • Mal 1:11 "... My name will be great ...offered to My name... My name will be great....
  • Col 1:11 strengthened with all power,... according to His glorious might,... attaining of all steadfastness...
  • 1Tim 1:11 according to the glorious gospel... of the blessed God, ... which I have been entrusted.
  • Psa 111:3 Splendid... and majestic....His righteousness endures forever.
  • Psa 111:1 ....I will give thanks... with all my heart,.. In the company of the upright ...and in the assembly. (Notice the four ones in the verse reference)
  • Psa 111:6 He has made known... to His people... the power of His works,...
  • Psa 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;... His commandments;... His praise..
  • John 1:11 He came... to His own... His own did not receive Him.
  • 2Chr 1:11 ...you... have asked for yourself ...that you may rule ...
  • Eph 1:11 ...have obtained an inheritance,... having been predestined...after the counsel of His will,
  • 2Cor 1:11 ...joining in helping us ... so that thanks may be given   ...for the favor bestowed on us....
  • Eze 1:11 Such were their faces...Their wings ... their bodies.
  • Hab 1:11 "...they will sweep through... they will be held guilty,... They whose strength is their god."
  • 1Sam 1:11 ...if You will...look on the affliction... and remember me... not forget..."
  • Gal 1:11 ...I would have you know, ... the gospel which was preached by me... is not according to man.
  • Heb 1:11 They will perish,,... but you remain;...they all will become old...,
  • Deu 1:11 'May the LORD, ... God of your fathers, ...bless you,... just as He has promised...!
  • Ruth 1:11 But Naomi said, "Return, my daughters... Why should you go with me?... Have I yet sons in my womb...?
  • 2Kin 1:11 ...sent to him...captain of fifty ...with his fifty..... "O man of God, ...thus says the king..., 'Come down quickly.' "
  • Neh 1:11 "...to the prayer of Your servant ...the prayer of Your servants ...make Your servant successful...
  • Job 1:11 "But put forth Your hand ... touch all that he has;... he will surely curse You to Your face."
  • Prov 1:11 ..."Come with us,... Let us lie in wait for blood,... Let us ambush the innocent...;
  • Ecc 1:11 ..no remembrance of earlier things;...of the later things ... those who will come later
  • Isa 1:11 "What are your...sacrifices to Me?..."I have had enough of burnt offerings...I take no pleasure in ...
  • Lam 1:11 ...They have given ... To restore their lives, ...themselves...."
  • Joel 1:11 Be ashamed, O farmers,... Wail, O vinedressers, ...Because the harvest...is destroyed.
  • Zep 1:11 "Wail, O inhabitants...all the people...will be silenced; All who weigh out silver will be cut off.
  • Rom 1:11 ...I long to see you ...that I may impart some spiritual gift to you,.. that you may be established;
  • Jam 1:11 For the sun rises...its flower falls off...the beauty of its appearance is destroyed;.
  • 2Pet 1:11 for in this way...the entrance into the eternal kingdom ...our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...
  • Rev 1:11 saying, "...send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea." -- (things singled out and/or counted)

About #26 - the number for God...literally both in Hebrew and english

The Bible's Number 26 -- The Amazing number of God/Jesus -- Pay special attention to number 26 because the number/text associations to its meaning are truly incredible. Examine the list of clues below and see if you don't agree that #26 is a number for a holy and righteous God - more specifically, #26 seems a number purely about God and Jesus...
  • The Hebrew name for God, YHWH, has a numerical value of 26 -- The Hebraic letters YHWH are assigned gematria/numeric values of 10, 5, 6 and 5 which together add up to 26 (multiple websites note this-search for #26 and God).

  • The 26th verse of the Bible speaks of the image of God -- Genesis 1:26 Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;... "

  • The value for the letters of God's name is 26 -- Interestingly enough and not likely a coincidence - if you assign a gematria/numeric value of 1-26 to each letter of the alphabet, the chacters G-O-D have values of 7, 15 and 4 which add to #26 - God=26.

  • The foundation of the House of God - Twenty and Six (26) -- Scripture says the width and length of the House of God are twenty cubits and six cubits (26/62). Found in 1Kings 6:2 (62/26) "As for the house which King Solomon built for the LORD, its length was sixty cubits and its width twenty cubits and its height thirty cubits". This dimension is also found in 2 Chronicles 3:3. The height of 30 cubits relates to #30 about purity and righteousness.

  • Leviticus chapter #26 declares "I AM THE LORD" -- This is the 116th chapter (2 and 6 = 26) and the first verse finds itself as the 3526th Bible verse. The verse reference numbers as well as the text suggest the theme of " I AM THE LORD" and "THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL DO". As a clue to this theme, the phrases "I Will" and "You will" are found throughout the chapter. The first and last verse frame this chapter's theme -- the first verse declaring "I am the Lord your God" and the last verse ends by saying "I am the Lord their God".

  • Matt 26:26 Explains Jesus is the bread of life -- ...Jesus took some bread...broke it...and said, "Take, eat; this is My body."

  • Eleven non-random #26 related related verses about God/Jesus -- (You might need to think about this for a couple of moments to let it sink into your comprehension) -- If you sequentially number the Bibles verses from 1 to 31,102, you find just eleven cross-Bible verse numbers that both begin and end with number 26. Every one of these are consistent in their context of association with God/Jesus. You can find this number/text consistency with any number, but this set is the most clear example I've seen. Seemingly impossible to be coincidence, it also is compelling evidence for the perfection of the Bible's Numeric Map.

    • BV(2626) -- The Lampstand and 26 -- Exo 37:21 and a bulb was under the first pair of branches coming out of it, and a bulb under the second pair of branches coming out of it, and a bulb under the third pair of branches coming out of it, for the six branches coming out of the lampstand. It is interesting this verse mentions 3 pairs of branches (6 branches) and then again the text says "six branches". Six and six is two sixes (66/26).

    • BV(26026) -- The Risen Lord and 26 -- Luke 24:34 saying, "The Lord has really risen and has appeared to Simon."

    • BV(26126) -- The Kingdom of God and 26 -- John 3:5 Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

    • BV(26226) -- Jesus the healer and 26 -- John 5:15 The man went away, and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had made him well.

    • BV(26326) -- The only way to be saved and 26 -- John 6:68 Simon Peter answered Him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.

    • BV(26426) -- The father of lies and 26 (opposite meaning) -- John 8:44 "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. ... for he is a liar and the father of lies. Every number has both a positive and opposite or negative theme. This verse reflects satan which is as opposite from God as we find in the Bible.

    • BV(26526) -- Annointed Jesus and 26 -- John 11:2 It was the Mary who anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped His feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.

    • BV(26626) -- God, the one who sent Jesus, and 26 -- John 12:45 "He who sees Me sees the One who sent Me.

    • BV(26726) -- God the father sent the spirit of truth (v26) and 26 -- John 15:26 "When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify about Me,

    • BV(26826) -- The Son of God rejected and 26 -- John 18:40 So they cried out again, saying, "Not this Man, but Barabbas." Now Barabbas was a robber.

    • BV(26926) -- Jesus taken up to heaven/gave orders/chose apostles and 26 -- Acts 1:2 until the day when He was taken up to heaven, after He had by the Holy Spirit given orders to the apostles whom He had chosen.
The above are just a small token of available evidence associating #26 as the number of God. This evidence could stand alone in demonstrating that only God could have prepared his word in such a perfect DNA like intersection of number/text relationships.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are prophecies in the Bible true? What about those that mock them?

Response to those who reject Bible prophecy
March 24, 2010

We have all heard or read unfounded statements such as this one that mocks the Bible's prophecy: "...the bible doesn't have prophecies. the bible tells history that is not even proven as factual". When I saw this today I had to comment and thought I would share the thought here...

My Response:

Those who investigate Bible prophecy will discover  amazing confirmations of what the Bible says – it may not be proof for you, but should get your attention - but why bother investigating prophecy....

A good truth to remember about God is that he is not happy to be judged by men, but wants a relationship with them. Here's what he tells us - 1Chr 28:9  "If you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever". God is not a power far away, but is a power in control of your life right now and offers to let you understand his ways. Mock him at your own peril--mocking his word is mocking him. This is not meant to be condemning, but rather is an attempt to convey what God wants us to know.  Consider the opportunity for God to let you find him while you still have the chance -- The prophecies in the Bible are designed to help you comprehend the awesome power of God. If you dismiss them without investigation, you miss the gift they are there to provide.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jerusalem--Mount Moriah 777 meters elevation- Psalm 48:2 & other verses confirm

The Bible's Number 777 -- A number relating to salvation, sanctification, holiness and being made spiritually clean - Jesus told his disciples to not only forgive seven times but seventy times seven which helps us see the relationship to forgiveness to the the number 777 because there are three sevens found in this one verse -- Matt 18:22 Jesus *said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

An example of God's theme for number 777 even being found on earth is the elevation of Mount Moriah which is 777 meters (ref Goggle Earth to confirm for yourself-search for the Moriah Hotel in Jerusalem and look at the bottom of the display for elevation. Must have "terrain" option selected.).  The Bible's 14, 637th verse confirms the elevation of this mountain is beautiful--Psalm 48:2 Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth, Is Mount Zion in the far north, The city of the great King". Note the cross bible verse number of this verse (14637) ends in the number 37 which is another way of expressing 777 (three sevens). It is no coincidence that you will find the name "Mount Zion" occurs 21 times in the Bible (21=3x7).

The Bible's numeric map confirms this theme; The Bible's 7777th verse is where David gets the bread only intended for the priests--made clean -- 1Sam 21:4 The priest answered David and said, "There is no ordinary bread on hand, but there is consecrated bread; if only the young men have kept themselves from women."; In the Bible's 17,777th verse we are taken to when Samuel the prophet was cleansed by God -- Isa 6:7 He touched my mouth {with it} and said, "Behold, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven."; And in the Bible's 27,777th verse we see a different type of cleansing where Paul was taken from the priests and out of the temple because he was said to be desecrating the temple (making it unclean) Acts 24:7 "But Lysias the commander came along, and with much violence took him out of our hands". Note how the verse references of these three examples all have a relationship to 7 or 777. These are the only three Bible verses with cross Bible verse numbers containing the number 7777. Another of the most compelling examples of the Bible's perfection seen in the Numeric Map.

Notes for #777

  • Isa 6:3 is the 17773rd Bible verse -- a number containing both 777 and 37 -- And one called out to another and said, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory."
  • Rev 4:8 is the 30,777th Bible verse. Thirty is a number for purity and 777 for Holiness -- And the four living creatures, each one of them having six wings, are full of eyes around and within; and day and night they do not cease to say, "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is THE LORD GOD, THE ALMIGHTY, WHO WAS AND WHO IS AND WHO IS TO COME."
  • Gen 12:8 is the 307th Bible verse (37) and speaks of the mountain of God -- Then he proceeded from there to the mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; and there he built an altar to the LORD and called upon the name of the LORD.
  • The word "flood" occurs 37 times in the Bible - 777. The flood cleansed the earth. Another verse strongly relating the number 77 and the flood is Gen 7:17 which is the 177th verse of the Bible -- "Then the flood came upon the earth for forty days, and the water increased and lifted up the ark, so that it rose above the earth".
  • The word "holiness" is found 21 times in the Bible - 3x7=21. An occurrence suggesting it's relationship to the number 777.
  • Mount Zion/Mount Moriah is 777 meters in elevation--the place of Jesus crucifixion. The elevation would seem to confirm this.
  • The name "Mount Zion " is found 21 times in the Bible - 3x7=21
  • The word "jubilee" which is a name of joy for the forgiving of debts (#50) is found 21 times in the Bible - 3x7=21
  • The word "virgins" is found 21 times in the Bible - 3x7=21
  • The number "five hundred" is found 21 times in the Bible - a number for Jubilee. Psalms 22 is the 500th chapter of the Bible and is Jesus speaking from the cross where he was completing the act of redemption for our sins.
  • The number "three hundred" is found 21 times in the Bible. This corresponds to the number 30 which is about holiness and righteousness of God (3rd book is Leviticus). 300 is 10 times 30 which can be seen as an order of magnitude of even more holiness and perfection.
  • Other words that occur 21 times are "bride", "A righteous man", "Anointing Oil", "breastpiece", "eighth day" (the remnant saved), "deliverance",...and many more.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

9,000th & 10,000th Bible verses point to two major events in Israel's history

In the 9000th Bible verse we see the event of Solomon's Temple being complete and the Spirit of God enters in a cloud -- In 1Kings chapter 8, the 299th chapter of the Bible, we find the 9000th Bible verse. The nine theme in these numbers is strongly found in the text helping us to better interpret the messages the chapter contains. There's two transitions of history found in this chapter and as I've written about in other places, the numbers 9, 99 and 999 are all transition numbers. Transition numbers mark the ending of one series of events, history or ends of things and precedes the beginnings of new ones.

In the 299th chapter of 1Kings 8 we find events consistent with the theme of chapter eight which are about the Godly, New Beginnings and the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This chapter tells us the Temple of God is now complete and the holy things including the Ark of the Covenant are being moved into it in front of a great assembly of people who were called to celebrate and witness this Holiest of events. Once the holy things are moved in and all is ready, verse 10 (a number of completeness) tells us 1Kin 8:10 "It happened that when the priests came from the holy place, the cloud filled the house of the LORD,". In this culminating event, and after generations of waiting for this moment, the temple is built and God's spirit has entered. Take special note that in this 8th chapter the spirit of the Lord enters the temple in the cloud just like the number eight is symbolic of God's Holy Spirit being sent to dwell in the those saved.

In the 9000th transitional verse we read 1Kings 8:14 "Then the king faced about and blessed all the assembly of Israel, while all the assembly of Israel was standing". We conclude this is a reference to Solomon who turns to the people to bless them, but the numbers of the Numeric Map suggest there is more to this story. This 9000th verse is also the 282nd verse of 1Kings and 28/82 are numbers related to the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. The 299th chapter suggests a relationship to the number 29 (99) related to the return of the Lord. Fourteen is a number for Jesus the King (Passover) and in this 14th verse we find "The King" turning to bless the people. The message seems strong that this is a foretelling of when one day Jesus will again enter the temple to dwell and rule from the Holy of Holies.

This being the 9000th verse ends the part of history leading up to the building of the temple and begins a new section of scripture from 9001 to the 10,000th verse. You should find it interesting that in this 10,000th verse at 2Kin 17:16 we learn God has lost his patience with Israel and has decided to send them into exile. It says "They forsook all the commandments of the LORD their God and made for themselves molten images, {even} two calves, and made an Asherah and worshiped all the host of heaven and served Baal". The number nine has a theme of the Godly serving and persevering until the Lord returns and this is the theme for the 9000 series of verses. During this time God's Holy Spirit is dwelling with/in his people. The number 10 speaks of the completion of things where the righteous will be saved and those that have turned from God destroyed. In both the 9,000th and 10,000th Bible verses the Numeric Map clearly points out to us two major events and turning points in Israel's history.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Numbers 9 - A second rapture for the Jews who missed the first one?

Numbers chapter 9 – is often called the chapter about the opportunity to participate in a second passover in the event some Jews missed the first one. Of course, this is true, but I suspect there's a much more important message here than meets the eye...

This is likely a very controversial analysis and I’m not declaring what I see is right, but I try to share what biblical numbers seem to be telling me and this article presents some new thoughts about Numbers chapter nine I ran across today—as always, consider this in light of your own Bible study and don't take my word for it. 

Commentators often explain the second Passover written about in Numbers chapter nine is a special Passover for those that were on a journey and missed the first Passover. Without any other explanation this might seem a reasonable conclusion, but it seems a bit strange to devote a chapter to this exception and it does not fit well when intermingled with the other obvious events of the chapter of being led by God through the fire and the cloud. I believe this chapter has a more important message...

My analysis begins with the number 126 which biblical patterns tell me is related to the 1260 days or 3.5 years (42 months) that represent the length of time until the Lord returns (tribulation). Evidence of this is found in Revelation 12:6 which says –“Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God, so that there she would be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.”.  If you did not already see it, look at the chapter and verse reference – the verse that tells of the 1260 days is revelation 12:6 (126). Interesting!  A second example of this pattern is found in Dan 12:6 “And one said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, "How long will it be until the end of these wonders?" and the answer in verse 7 …”it would be for a time, times, and half a time; and as soon as they finish shattering the power of the holy people, all these events will be completed”. In this second example in Daniel 12:6-7 (126-7) we see the same answer – times, times and a half a time which is again 3.5 years or 1260 days. There’s lots of other evidence for the theme of 126 being related to 1260 but these are the strongest ones and demonstrate why I believe 126 is an end times theme related number.

Now, getting back to the 126th chapter of the Bible which is Numbers chapter 9. The chapter number of 126 suggests this has to do with the last days as does the chapter number of 9. Number nine is the number of the future and things yet to happen. It is also about events or things coming to an end. In the Christian walk number nine represents the time of serving and persevering until Jesus returns. In addition to number nine being related to end times, in a more specific way, the numbers 99, 29 and 92 are also associated with the last days and Day of the Lord events. Numbers 29 and 92 can be seen as a different way of expressing two nines or number 99. The chapter and verse references verses in this chapter begin with 9:1 and go through to 9:23 and they all seem to fit last days or what some refer to as the tribulation theme.  It is also interesting that there are 23 verses in this chapter and 23 is a number for the Lord being with us—the best example of this being the 23rd Psalm. This is seen in this “second Passover” chapter with the Lord leading Israel and being in the pillar of fire and cloud. There’s much to be understood about this 126th chapter but the most interesting and what this article is about are verses 10 through 14.

Commentaries often explain this chapter is about a second Passover event for those who missed the first Passover because they were on a journey, I have a very different thought. The Rapture -- I believe when the catching up happens in the last days, it will be sincere Christians that will be taken up by Jesus so they may avoid the wrath to come (see article on the 24,000th verse which is Matthew 24:42). The Jews who have not accepted Christ will not be included because they have not accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior—they are still on their wilderness “journey” and missed the first Passover (rapture) because they still need to learn who their messiah is. Here are the key verses…

10 "Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, 'If any one of you or of your generations becomes unclean because of a {dead} person, or is on a distant journey, he may, however, observe the (second) Passover to the LORD.

13 'But the man who is clean and is not on a journey, and yet neglects to observe the (second) Passover, that person shall then be cut off from his people, for he did not present the offering of the LORD at its appointed time. That man will bear his sin.

14 'If an alien sojourns among you and observes the (second) Passover to the LORD, according to the statute of the Passover and according to its ordinance, so he shall do; you shall have one statute, both for the alien and for the native of the land.' "

What I believe these verses are saying is (v10) If you are unclean (a sinner) because of a dead person (Jesus) you still have a second chance to observe the Passover and be saved. That is, if you confess you are a sinner and claim Jesus as messiah you still have a chance. (v13) If someone believes they are clean (not confessing their sin and claiming Jesus death as payment for sin) they will be cut off. (v14) says that aliens (gentiles) among you that also observe the (second) Passover can be saved as well.

In summary—The Bible’s 126th chapter relating to the 1260 days or 42 months tells us there will be two Passovers at the Lord’s return. The first for the ones claiming Jesus as Lord and another one as a second chance for Jews and gentiles that finally accept their unforgiven sin and that Jesus is the only way to have them forgiven and enter God’s kingdom (heaven).

Watch chapter and verse combinations related to 12:6 and even 1:26 as well as chapter twenty-sixes for other clues to the events of the last days.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Stumbling Block" a clue -- Example of everyday biblical interpretation

Knowing about simple phrases along with basic number themes can be very enlightening when reading the Bible. We so often read past important words or phrases missing the great significance in their meaning. When we understand to look for these easy to miss clues to interpretation, we go to a new level of our own ability to understand scripture.

For example, the term “stumbling block” is very often skipped over very quickly without the reader realizing they have just overlooked one of the many wonders of the Bible.  “Stumbling block” occurs  in 14 Bible verses with the first occurrence and last one both in verse 14 -- Leviticus 19:14 and Revelation 2:14  (common clues in the first and last items in lists are often important to understanding their interpretation).  So this phrase is surrounded by allusions to the number 14. Why is that a clue or significant?

NUMBER 14 AND JESUS THE REDEEMER: In a previous post I mentioned the number 14 as having a Biblical theme for Jesus the King and Redeemer. Some evidences of this are the Passover lamb who is Jesus and that Passover is on the 14th of the month as was the Exodus from Egypt; Matthew chapter one, the chapter declaring Jesus as the Messiah, also tells us there three fourteen generational periods of deliverance from Abraham to Jesus; and Acts 27:33 tells us it was the 14th day God delivered Paul and 276 others from the ship in the storm. These and many other examples demonstrate how number 14 is related to being delivered and to the deliverer himself, Jesus.  So what does this all have to do with the phrase “stumbling block”?

STUMBLING BLOCKS ARE OFFENSES: Realizing that “stumbling block” occurs in 14 Bible verses and that it makes us think of Jesus should cause us to wonder if there is more to be known about this interesting term. To investigate, we examine these 14 verses for more possible messages about the stumbling block. Upon doing this, we find stumbling blocks are obstacles or offences to salvation or deliverance. The offense is to Jesus who is the gatekeeper and determines our salvation. We know that Jesus is referred to in other parts of scripture as the stone or cornerstone, so this allusion to being a stumbling block is another way of seeing this aspect of him.  Stumbling blocks get in the way of one's salvation – in these passages we see they include idols, iniquity, serving man instead of God and the cross itself (belief in Jesus resurrection).

CLUES TO INTERPRETATION: Since it is already not too difficult to see that stumbling blocks are an obstacle to our salvation, how does associating it to number 14 give us more information than we already know? One of the best ways to see how this example helps us is by understanding that Jesus is the stumbling block as is clearly seen in him as the Passover lamb and other evidences he is messiah and associated to number 14.  Then, when we read about stumbling blocks in the Old Testament, we can realize we are seeing direct references to Jesus the Christ where they are otherwise not obvious. Of the 14 verses containing “stumbling block”, 6 are in the Old Testament and 8 are in the New Testament. I don’t believe this is an accident. Number 6 is related to that point in our walk where we have not yet crossed over to accept Jesus, and 8 is the number representing that of a faithful servant.

These six verses in the Old Testament are special - Every verse including "stumbling block" accompanies a statement declaring Jesus is the Lord. These statements are; “I am the LORD”; “Son of Man”; “says the Lord God”; “I the LORD”; and “Declares the Lord God”. They each associate stumbling blocks with Jesus who is referred to as Lord or Son of Man. It is very interesting that zero such Lord references are directly associated in the 8 verses in the New Testament. Six in the Old Testament tells of the Lord and eight in the New Testament do not--of course, they are implied. It seems as if the point is specifically being made to Israel and the Jews that Jesus is the Lord God and is the stumbling block--likely for them. Of course, this could not have been understood without having the complete Bible all together to reveal the clues. The Old Testament and the New Testament are two parts of one inseparable supernatural book - The Word of God.

A UNIQUE EXAMPLE OR A PATTERN? This example of counting words and associating number counts to Bible themes may seem interesting for this single example, but does it hold for other words and phrases? Yes, in such a consistent and incomprehensible way that it is another way we see the Bible is a supernaturally created book-authored by God. The message of this post is that as you study scripture, take some time to count curious words and phrases and think about their number theme associations. Note, even the counts of words and phrases within books, chapters and verses have meaning.

Following are the 14 verses where stumbling block is found. Note how they point to Jesus and to offences or stumbling blocks  to salvation. Also observe chapter and verse references relating in various ways to 14 which support this premise.

Lev 19:14 'You shall not curse a deaf man, nor place a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall revere your God; I am the LORD.

Eze 14:3 "Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their hearts and have put right before their faces the stumbling block of their iniquity. Should I be consulted by them at all?
Eze 14:4 "Therefore speak to them and tell them, 'Thus says the Lord GOD, "Any man of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart, puts right before his face the stumbling block of his iniquity, and then comes to the prophet, I the LORD will be brought to give him an answer in the matter in view of the multitude of his idols,
Eze 14:7 "For anyone of the house of Israel or of the immigrants who stay in Israel who separates himself from Me, sets up his idols in his heart, puts right before his face the stumbling block of his iniquity, and then comes to the prophet to inquire of Me for himself, I the LORD will be brought to answer him in My own person.
Eze 18:30 "Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, each according to his conduct," declares the Lord GOD. "Repent and turn away from all your transgressions, so that iniquity may not become a stumbling block to you.
Eze 44:12 "Because they ministered to them before their idols and became a stumbling block of iniquity to the house of Israel, therefore I have sworn against them," declares the Lord GOD, "that they shall bear the punishment for their iniquity.
Matt 16:23 But He turned and said to Peter, "Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests, but man's."
Matt 18:7 "Woe to the world because of its stumbling blocks! For it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come; but woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes!
Rom 14:13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this--not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother's way.
1Cor 1:23 but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness,
1Cor 8:9 But take care that this liberty of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak.

Gal 5:11 But I, brethren, if I still preach circumcision, why am I still persecuted? Then the stumbling block of the cross has been abolished.
Rev 2:14 'But I have a few things against you, because you have there some who hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of immorality.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Does the 8.8 magnitude earthquake on Feb 27th have a message from God?

This article attempts to show how consistent and perfect patterns in the Bible's use of numbers reveals themes that help us interpret his word. These themes are also found in the world and I believe, can sometimes be used by God to communicate his message to us. The key is to correctly interpret his themes and then see how they might apply to numbers in our world. I know, sounds like fantasy or a well intentioned but totally off-base idea -- I think the examples included might cause you to wonder. This is not proof of this concept but rather presented as a possibility to ponder and one that might cause us to think if God is sending messages in some of the worlds recent disasters.

Note: This is not a difficult article to read but I don't know how to clearly explain biblical numbers without explaining some of the Bible's number basics which at first seem complex. It is not a fast read, but I believe if you take a couple of minutes to think about it, there are great rewards in realizing what God has done with numbers found in his word.

The observations I have made here related to the earthquake and numbers is based on my knowledge of biblical numbers and is not intended to declare the meaning of natural events or disasters. Like everything we interpret from the Bible, there are lots of opinions about the details and only God knows for sure what it all means. I present these ideas to others that might be interested in the possibilities of the relationships between these events and biblical number themes. It is important to say, that whatever the numbers might mean, I suspect they would be a sign to the world, and not necessarily limited to the locations where the earthquakes happened. If nothing else, what I write here as a good Bible study of the messages of God to men - one day he will come to save and protect some from the wrath and judgment that comes with him. Most all who seriously compare current history to biblical prophecy conclude we are likely very near this event.

The recent earthquake in Chili was a 8.8-magnitude quake that occurred on 2/27/2010 at 3:34 a.m. (1:34 a.m. EST). (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/facts.php) When I noticed the possible relationship of these numbers to the biblical numbers I write about, I decided to do some quick research on numbers related to 8.8 or 88. I was surprised at what I found -- the number 88 appears to be about the return of the Lord and coming judgment of God. This may all be coincidence but I decided to write it down anyway.

The date of the earthquake is also interesting - the 27th day or number 27 is related with 77 and 72 which all have themes including the witnessing of Jesus about himself, and how he will be the one that evaluates (measures) us for eternity. Following are a few facts about the number 88 and other numbers related to it. Judge for yourself what they might mean. I realize the thought of the Bible's book, chapter and verse numbers having significant meaning sounds preposterous -- in human terms it is. We know these numbers were added hundreds of years after more than 20 different authors wrote the Bible manuscripts. So, do I think what we understand about the Bible's history is false and that somehow God one day simply dropped this perfect book from the sky? No, I suspect in human terms the Bible was written how history says, but in a way only God could explain, he made it all turn out precisely as he intended. I believe the Bible is authored by God and prepared by men. There's mountains of evidence for this and amazingly enough, all verfiable through a perfection of numbering across every verse. My website and book attempt to explain this.

Following are evidences I believe show the relationship of the number 88 to the theme of the return of the Lord, and might be considered a message from God himself. If you would rather not try to cope with the number basics right now, simply skip down to the chapter 8 verse 8 references below and consider how consistent their themes are -- would be an incredible coincidence for this to be a result of chance.

Some facts relating to number 88:

* Eighty-Eight (88), like all biblical numbers has a theme and meaning for us to understand. We learn the meaning of God's numbers by studying the themes in the text associated with numbers where we find them.

* NUMBER 88--Number 88 is a number that speaks of Jesus who will return to save the faithful from the wrath he brings with him. The Bible's 8:8 verses shown below help us to see this theme.

* NUMBER 28--Number 88 is related to similarly themed numbers, 14 and 28, and looking at these numbers is another way of examining number 88 to understand its theme. Biblical patterns show that 88 has a similar theme to, and can be expressed by the number 28. Twenty-eight can be thought of as two eights, eight and eight (28=8 and 8). Number 28 is found connected with biblical themes relating to the power and might of Jesus who has promised to return. For example, Deuteronomy 28:28 says "The LORD will smite you with madness and with blindness and with bewilderment of heart;". Check out other 28:28 verses for other examples (see books Exo, Num, Deu, Job, Prov, Isa, Act).

* NUMBER 14--Number 28 in turn relates to number 14 which is a foundational number connected to a theme of Jesus the King and Redeemer. Passover is the 14th of the month (Numbers 28:16) and like the Passover lamb, Jesus is the Passover sacrifice that we can claim to escape the judgment at the end of the age. A numeric reference that points to the theme for 14 is found in the Bible's 14:14 verses. An example from Revelation 14:14 says "...behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, having a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.". There are a couple of other interesting biblical facts supporting this theme; I suspect the book of Ester is the only book that does not mention God because it is the 14th book and it's focus is on the foretelling of Jesus alone; Melchizedek, the King of Salem (Jerusalem) is mentioned in Genesis chapter 14 and it is interesting that there is no mention of where he came from or went. Many scholars think he is an appearance of Jesus in the Old Testament. Find this in Genesis 14:18 that says "...Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; now he was a priest of God Most High.".. 14:14 verses can be found in the books ( Gen, Exo, Lev, Num, Deu, Josh, Judg, 1Sam, 2Sam, 1Kin, 2Kin, 1Chr, 2Chr, Job, Prov, Isa, Jer, Eze, Zech, Matt, Mrk, Luke, John, Act, Rom, 1Cor, Rev).

* 14, 28 and 88 --think of 14, 28 and 88 as all related numbers speaking of Jesus the King and redeemer.

* NUMBER 8--The foundational number for 88 is of course eight. Eight is a number about the Godly and receiving of the Holy Spirit--Hebrews chapter 8 is an example of this and we also see the Holy Spirit in Leviticus 8:8 with the Urim and the Thummim on the breastplate of the priest...-- so 88, coming from the number eight is also about the return and power of the spirit of the Lord

To show the relationship of number 88 to the theme of the return of the Lord, I have included below some of the Bible's 38 verses that have chapter and verse reference of 8:8. Again, a perfect numbered Bible including chapter and verse? -- As impossible as we know it to be, the evidence is unmistakable that the Bible is perfectly numbered. The Bible's book, chapter, verse, chapter counts, verse counts and many other numberings are all perfect and consistent. All the basic numbers 1-9 have meaningful and progressive themes as do combined numbers such as 88. These themes even follow down to verse sets such as like referenced verses which have a thread of common theme always running through them. Assuming all this is true, it demonstrates the depth of the numbering perfection of the Bible is truly inconceivable.

So what's the point of all these numbers -- to provide some foundational evidence to understand the meaning of number 88 as it relates to Jesus. There seem three major aspects of number 88 themes in these verses with a reference number of 8:8. (1) First, they are about Jesus who comes through his spirit (wind, rain, earthquake, pestilence, fire) to warn people of his coming, judge and cleanse the earth. (2) Second, that people are to seek Jesus name and make sacrifices and offerings of atonement that demonstrate our calling upon him is real. Originally this meant animal sacrifices but today the concept still remains in that we are to be demonstrating through our actions that our faith is real. Jesus, of course, knows our hearts already so it is not about how much we do, but rather that the heartfelt actions and seeking of Jesus bring about the obvious outward signs of faith in him--deeds and works. (3) Lastly, that the Godly are sealed and protected from his judgment and their names are written down -- which is evidence of who are considered "godly".

Look for the themes mentioned above in the following sample of the 38 verses with a chapter and verse reference of 8:8. I've divided the list into three parts that correspond to the three different aspects of the theme mentioned above.

The following 8:8 verses speak of judgment on the wicked...

* Exo 8:8 ..."Entreat the LORD that He remove the frogs from me and from my people; and I will let the people go, that they may sacrifice to the LORD."

* Josh 8:8 "Then it will be when you have seized the city, that you shall set the city on fire....

* 1Sam 8:8 ... they have forsaken Me and served other gods...

* Ecc 8:8 No man has authority to restrain the wind with the wind, or authority over the day of death; and there is no discharge in the time of war, and evil will not deliver those who practice it.

* Eze 8:8 He said to me, "Son of man, now dig through the wall." So I dug through the wall, and behold, an entrance. (a view into the abominations of men)

* Amo 8:8 "Because of this will not the land quake And everyone who dwells in it mourn? Indeed, all of it will rise up like the Nile, And it will be tossed about And subside like the Nile of Egypt.

* Luke 8:8 "....as He said these things, He would call out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

* Rom 8:8 and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

* Heb 8:8 For finding fault with them, He says, "BEHOLD, DAYS ARE COMING, SAYS THE LORD, WHEN I WILL EFFECT A NEW COVENANT...;

* Rev 8:8 ...something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea...,

These 8:8 verses speak of the Godly who are protected from the wrath. There names are written in the Book.

* Est 8:8 "Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king's name, and seal {it} with the king's signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king's signet ring may not be revoked."

* Lev 8:8 He then placed the breastpiece on him, and in the breastpiece he put the Urim and the Thummim. (The Holy Spirit -- the Godly man)

* John 8:8 Again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. (not condemned - name written in the book?)

* Gen 8:8 Then he sent out a dove from him, to see if the water was abated from the face of the land; (the destruction is complete, the remnant saved)

* Zech 8:8 and I will bring them back ... they shall be My people, and I will be their God....'

* Mrk 8:8 And they ate and were satisfied; and they picked up seven large baskets full of what was left over of the broken pieces.

These 8:8 verses appear to be speaking of those who are seeking the Lord--taking sacrifices to him, listening, reading his word, truly hearing...

* 2Kin 8:8 The king said to Hazael, "Take a gift in your hand and go to meet the man of God, and inquire of the LORD by him, saying, 'Will I recover from this sickness?' "

* Num 8:8 "Then let them take a bull with its grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil; and a second bull you shall take for a sin offering.

* Neh 8:8 They read from the book, from the law of God, translating to give the sense so that they understood the reading. (The Godly seeking The Lord)

* Matt 8:8 But the centurion said, "Lord, I am not worthy for You to come under my roof, but just say the word, and my servant will be healed.


There are many other evidences that support the proposed theory of the theme for number 88. One method to investigate this is to find cross Bible chapter numbers that contain number the number 88. There are 1189 chapters in the Bible so in them we find 12 chapters having a number ending in 88 that I present for this example (again, this sounds contrived but this pattern is true for all numbers, not just 88). I have selected just chapters ending in 88 because it is a reasonable list to examine while also not appearing contrived. Every chapter that meets the selection criteria is included. A second example of interesting like numbered chapters is the Bible's 22 chapter 22s. Twenty-two's theme is about Jesus, the Suffering Servant who came to give himself to save us. Psalm 22 was previously mentioned referenced in regard to the 500th chapter about Jesus on the cross. Genesis 22 is where we read about about the Sacrificing of Isaac by his father Abraham, and Revelation 22 is the last chapter of the Bible is all about Jesus, The River of Life. See other chapter twenty-twos to confirm this consistency. Let's finally look at some evidence found in these 88 related chapters.

Now that we have enough of the basics about numbers and chapter themes, consider the following number 88 theme related chapters whose theme which might be related to an 88 related message from God . I have included every chapter in the Bible ending in 88 to demonstrate their consistency. Notice how they all refer to destruction or consequences for turning away from him. Also observe how these themes relate to nations and not to individuals. God of course judges us individually, but he also judges nations as a whole when they turn from him. The overall message seems clear, consequences to nations that turn from God.

* 88th chapter - Exodus 38 (888) -- v1 ...he made the altar of burnt offering of acacia wood - preparing of the altar and basin for sacrifices

* 188th chapter - Joshua 1 -- v18 "Anyone who rebels against your command and does not obey your words in all that you command him, shall be put to death" - entering the land to take possession of it

* 288th chapter -- 2Samuel 21 -- v21 When he defied Israel..David's brother, struck him down. -- the man from Gath with man with 6 fingers and toes (24 in all--day of the Lord)

* 388th chapter -- 2Chronicles 21 -- v14 behold, the LORD is going to strike your people, your sons, your wives and all your possessions with a great calamity;

* 488th chapter -- Psalm 10 -- v18 -- To vindicate the orphan and the oppressed, So that man who is of the earth will no longer cause terror. (last verse)

* 588th chapter-- Psalm 110 -- v1 -- The LORD says to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet."

* 688th chapter -- Isaiah 9 -- v19 -- By the fury of the LORD of hosts the land is burned up...

* 788th chapter -- Jeremiah 43 -- v11 "He will also come and strike the land of Egypt....

* The 880th through the 889th chapters all deal with judgment of peoples -- The complete book of Amos (9 chapters) and Obadiah

* 888th chapter -- Amos 9 -- v9 "For behold, I am commanding, And I will shake the house of Israel among all nations As grain is shaken in a sieve...

* 988th chapter -- Luke 15 -- Prodigal son -- v18 I will get up and go to my father, and will say to him, "Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight

* 1088th chapter -- 2Corinthians 10 -- v4 for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

* 1188th chapter -- Rev 21 v27 and nothing unclean, and no one who practices abomination and lying, shall ever come into it (God's Kingdom), but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. Note also 21:17 (27 in reference) and speaks of 72 as an angelic measurement. Seems to speak of Jesus measuring our faith in him.

* 808th chapter - Eze 6:14 "...I will stretch out My hand against them and make the land more desolate and waste than the wilderness...thus they will know that I am the LORD.'""


I hope you saw the patterns presented. In the future, whenever you see numbers in scripture related to 28, 88 and 14 - consider how they may somehow relate to these themes and what God is trying to tell us.