Sunday, March 05, 2006

Book, Chapter, Verse, and Text Numbers in the Bible

I might as well start the Blog out with a controversial post and see where it goes from here. Get ready for your truths to be challenged...

About half way through this paragraph, and as you are about to grab your mouse and click away from this crazy site, pause for a second and ask yourself could this be possible? Did God leave a signature in his word by having a meaning for every number in his word? As unbelievable as it sounds, yes.

Although sometimes they are not easy to comprehend, God's numbers tell us more about scripture and further explain what he wrote. They are as important to the context of scripture as the text itself. These number meanings are not a code, but a pattern left for us in His word. This simple number association applies to numbers stated in the text, chapter numbers, verse numbers, and even the sequence numbers of books in the bible. Impossible? That's everyone's first reaction. But it's easy enough to see by anyone who takes the time to look. They often come away wondering if it is really true. Print this list out and keep it by your bible so you can check the numbers out for yourself as you read God's Word.
  1. 1-God, Kings, Leaders, and things alone
  2. 2-Jesus, Unity, Love, Life, division, relationships, family, togetherness (pairs of things)
  3. 3-Divine Purity, perfect things, laws of God and the world
  4. 4-Creation, the world, heavens, man & fallen man, earth, cities, people, groups, places
  5. 5-Provision/Goodness of God. His taking care of man and the earth in it's brokenness
  6. 6-Redemption, sin, discipline, the need for redemption, the process of us being saved
  7. 7-Sanctification, acts and things related to us being saved and made spiritually clean
  8. 8-Abundance, actions, the goodness of God and Jesus or lack thereof. Actions we do once saved. The work of God once we are saved.
  9. 9-Endings or things coming to an end. The future, things we are given to do. Things that will happen such as Christ's return for us.
  10. 10-Completion or the final thoughts/words about a subject. The ends of things. Commands and directions. I.E. Christ taking us back to His Kingdom.

The descriptions above are my feable attempt to tell about what God has left in His Word. Only God can say what he meant by them. Nonetheless, they are still there to guide us in the use of His Word.

Why would God do such a thing? They are His signature on every page of the bible, every chapter, every book, every verse. They help us better understand scripture and confirm it's intended meaning. They are part of the way God wrote the bible and one of the unfathomable mysteries of God...

Luke 10:21 In the same hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit, and said, I praise You, Father, Lord of Heaven and of earth, that You hid these things from [the] sophisticated and cunning and revealed them to babes; yes, Father, because so it was pleasing before You. (Green Lit)

Enjoy and learn from the Numbers of God. There's so much more to say about them but this is enough to ponder for now. I encourage you to see them for yourself. One technique for seeing them is to pick a book of the bible and look at every verse ending in 4. That is 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, etc. Note how a very large percentage of them are about people, places, cities, men, groups, and things of creation. Note also, how if you look at verses ending in another number, there is not the preponderance of the same meaning.

Praise God. His Word truly is Amazing!

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