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Num 22:24 the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path...with a wall on each side

I've explained in other blog posts that evidence is overwhelming that like referenced Bible verses contain a similar theme running through them, and is strong support the Bible is supernaturally structured with every chapter and verse related in some way to a theme found in the text. This post is more evidence of these strong patterns that are found in every chapter and verse combination in the Bible.

13 of 17 of the Bible's 22:24 verses contain a parallel theme of dispute, contention or anger - the other 4 may as well...

See for yourself if you don't see a preponderance of evidence that the vast majority of the Bible's seventeen 22:24 verses contain some reference to disputes, anger or contention of some kind. I've arranged all 17 of these verses (shown below) in order of relative clarity of reference to this theme. I was led to this discovery through the verse at Numbers 22:24 where the LORD (Jesus) was confronting Balaam and blocking his path - Jesus is the narrow door...Luke 13:14 "...enter through the narrow door". By recognizing this pattern, it helps show how verse 22:24 combination's often contain examples of how Jesus sometimes confronts us and blocks our path -- and yet at the same time is still there to save us.

The Bible's 22:24 verses
Num 22:24 Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path of the vineyards, with a wall on this side and a wall on that side.

Prov 22:24 Do not associate with a man given to anger; Or go with a hot-tempered man,

Exo 22:24 and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword…

Luke 22:24 And there arose also a dispute among them as to which one…was…greatest.

Deu 22:24 then you shall bring them…you shall stone them to death…

Act 22:24 the commander ordered him to be…examined by scourging so that he might find out the reason…
Eze 22:24 …'You are a land that is not cleansed or rained on in the day of indignation.'

1Kin 22:24 Then Zedekiah…came near and struck Micaiah on the cheek…

Psa 22:24 For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted

Josh 22:24 "…we have done this out of concern…"What have you to do with the LORD, the God of Israel?
Lev 22:24 …anything with its testicles bruised or crushed or torn or cut, you shall not offer to the LORD…
2Sam 22:24 "I was also blameless toward Him, And I kept myself from my iniquity.

Jer 22:24 "As I live," declares the LORD, "even though Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were a signet ring on My right hand, yet I would pull you off;

Some less obvious examples in the set...
Isa 22:24 "So they will hang on him all the glory of his father's house, offspring and issue, all the least of vessels, from bowls to all the jars.
Gen 22:24 His concubine, whose name was Reumah, also bore Tebah and Gaham and Tahash and Maacah.
Job 22:24 And place your gold in the dust, And the gold of Ophir among the stones of the brooks,

Number Symbolism
In addition to the obvious relationship in number/text themes, it is also interesting that the symbolism for #22 is that of Jesus the lamenting servant who came to save us; and number 24 is often related to the "Day" of the LORD (Matthew 24:42, the 24,000th Bible verse). It is not difficult to see the symbolism for both these numbers in the text of the Bible's 22:24 verses.

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