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The Bibles's chapter twenty-fours reveal clues to how/when Jesus will make himself known to the Jews

(Biblical numbering used is from the KJV, NIV, NASB or other similarly structured Bibles)

The Bible’s chapter and verse numbers are divinely inspired in the same way God inspired the text. The Bible tells us it is all inspired in 2 Timothy but we just did not realize how literal the text was intended.
2Tim 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;
Not only are the Bible’s numbers inspired, but they have symbolic meaning and knowing this meaning provides valuable insights into how to interpret the text.  Because of this perfection in numbering, you can actually get an understanding of God’s number themes by looking at like numbered chapters to find similar themes running through them. When you see a theme that seems to be repeating itself, you are likely seeing evidence of the symbolism around that number. You can do this with any chapter number you like – today I decided to go through chapter number twenty-fours to demonstrate the concept.

I first discovered the symbolism for #24 when, years ago, I realized the 24,000th verse of the Bible was about the “DAY” of the LORD (24 hours) that was in a chapter about that “day” and in verse number 42 (24 in reverse). All by itself, this verse seems compelling evidence only a supernatural God could have numbered the Bible so perfectly. (Note how this is only possible if the Old and New Testaments were originally designed as two parts of one final Word of God)
The 24,000th Bible verse…Matt 24:42 "Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which “day” your Lord is coming.
The symbolism for the #24 seems to be about the appointed time of the Lord’s return. Chapter twenty-fours always seem to have some reference to the LORD (Jesus) delivering his people (the Jews) as promised. In some cases, this is delivering people into punishment/consequences for sin. (Once you begin to understand number symbolism, you discover how they point to where Jesus himself shows up in the Old Testament).

When you realize this same theme of the LORD delivering his people is found consistently in the Old and New Testaments, it becomes clear as one of many examples that seem to say the Jesus of the New Testament is the LORD of the Old Testament. Chapter 24’s also, most always, have some reference to time or even days (24 hours).

Don’t take my word for these theme ideas - you can ponder them for yourself by reading the chapters. The Following list gives you a good start on seeing this common theme running through the Bible.
  • Genesis 24 - Isaac comes for Rebecca his bride. Isaac represents Jesus (Abraham’s only son taken to be sacrificed) 
  • Exodus 24 – The LORD (Jesus) comes down to Mount Sinai to be seen by Moses and the people
  • Numbers 24 – Foretells of the coming messiah –“ A star shall come forth from Jacob “
  • Deuteronomy 24 – The chapter repeats ”remember, you were a slave in Egypt and the LORD delivered you”
  • Joshua 24 – Israel is reminded multiple times by the LORD that he delivered them out of Egypt and from their enemies
  • 1Samuel 24 – verses 4, 10, 18 & 19 exclaim "this is the Day" the LORD gave Saul into David’s hands
  • 2Samuel 24 – The LORD punishes David and Israel with pestilence until the appointed time (day) when he relented and saved those who were left. 
  • 2Kings 24 – Is about the day the LORD “delivered” Judah into the hands of the King of Babylon to go into exile (v10)
  • 1Chronicles 24 – As the LORD commanded/promised many years before, “24” Priest/Levite leaders (family heads) were brought  into house of the LORD 
  • 2Chronicles 24 (v24) - The LORD destroyed a very great army with a small number of Arameans as judgement for those who turned from the LORD
  • Job 24 – Job laments the appointed days of the wicked that they are not aware are numbered. One day they will be taken away - Job 24:24 …The wicked exalted for a little while and then are gone 
  • Psalm 24 -- The return of the LORD..Lift up your heads..and be lifted up..That the King of glory may come in! 
  • Proverbs 24 - Be prepared for the day of distress (v10), wicked will stumble in time of calamity(v16), calamity will rise suddenly(v22)
  • Isaiah 24 - Day of the LORD - Isa 24:21 So it will happen in that day, That the LORD will punish the host of heaven on high, And the kings of the earth on earth.
  • Jeremiah 24 - Baskets of good and bad figs compared. God will give the good a heart to know him and will restore them; the bad will receive the sword, famine and pestilence.. 
  • Ezekiel 24 -  The Day of the LORD. On that very Day (v2,25,26,27) Calamity comes, on that day the Jews "will know that I am the LORD"..
  • Matthew 24 – Again, the 24,000th Bible verse -  Matthew chapter 24 verse 42 – “Be on alert-you don't know the DAY the LORD will return” 
  • Luke 24 - The day Jesus came to the Jews..Three days after the crucifixion, The resurrected Jesus came revealing himself to the Jews proving he was God (future of Jesus revealing himself to the Jews)  v13 "behold, two of them were going that very day to a village named Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem"
  • Acts 24 - Paul gives his defense to Felix and his Jewess wife Drusilla, and after hearing of  Jesus righteousness and the judgement to come, appears to have accepted the truth of the Gospel, yet kept Paul loosely imprisoned. (Gospel revealed to the Jews?)
After pondering the contents of the Bible's chapter twenty-fours shown above, consider the possibility that the future day we refer to as "The Day of the LORD" is associated with the number twenty-four and that context associated with this day suggest it is the day Jesus will in a similar way appear before the Jews to reveal himself clearly as their awaited messiah.

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