Monday, March 09, 2009

My new book The Bible's Redemption Plan and Numeric Map

I have 200 copies printed for my promotional efforts but the official publishing via Xulon will not be complete until April. Keep watching for more details and public reaction to this understandably impossible claim. There is no doubt everything we humanly understand about the Bible says the Redemption Pattern and Numeric map cannot exist...but evidence for it is well documented and too preponderous to dismiss. We will see what the public has to say.

Following is back cover text...

Not a code, but the discovery of an unbelievable pattern in the Bible!

The Bible's Numeric Map reveals God not only inspired the Bible's text, but also divinely numbered every book, chapter, and verse to point to His ten step plan of redemption. An astounding claim we cannot imagine to be true—but it is. Here are a few of thousands of surprising clues revealing the Bible's supernatural organization.

  • MIDDLE CHAPTER: Psalm 117 is the shortest and only two-verse chapter: "Praise the LORD, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples!" is divinely located exactly as the center chapter.
  • THE 1,000th CHAPTER: John 3:16, the keystone verse for Christianity, says, "…for God so loved the world…." God strategically placed it in the Bible's special 1,000th chapter.
  • THE 24,000th VERSE: Matthew 24:42 "be on the alert…you do not know the day nor the hour…." The verse at the intersection of five different references to number 24. It is the 24,000th verse in the 24th chapter with verse number 42 (24) and chapter and verse text both focus on The "Day" (24 hours) of the Lord.
  • REDEMPTION PATTERN: The Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes—every list and number in the Bible as well as book, chapter and verse numbering—all follow the ten-part redemption pattern. This pattern validates the Bible's perfection, reveals God's redemption plan and guides biblical interpretation.

This book reveals themes for numbers and how they clarify our understanding of God's Word. See many examples such as how the Bible's 22 chapters, numbered 22, all contain themes pointing to Jesus. Observe the amazing Numeric Map and Redemption Plan God placed in the Bible you use today. This book guides anyone in discovering the truth of these patterns for themselves and how they are easily put to use.

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