Monday, July 26, 2010

Key Bible Chapters that also point to God's Number Symbolism

This post shows some very well known and key chapters off the Bible and also that they have cross-Bible chapter numbers that give compelling evidence for the supernatural creation of scripture. Nothing is impossible with God - we know chapters and verses of the Bible were added only 700 or so years ago and in our human understanding we "know" they are arbitrarily assigned for reference alone. But the examples provided below and evidence in all other of the Bible's numbers show that even though men penned the numbers, it had to be a sovereign God that insured the Bible was numbered according to his supernatural inspiration and the numbers precisely relate to the context of each book, chapter and verse. The Bible's numbering is inspired like all other Biblical text and in fact, confirms the text of the Bible is exactly as God intended.

Matt 5:18 "For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

If you can temporarily set aside your belief that the Bible's numbers are of men, consider the possibility that the below provided evidence shows how symbolism of cross-Bible chapter numbers fit precisely with the themes found in the text. This short list shows compelling examples that help us understand the perfection of the Bible. At first you might be tempted to dismiss these as contrived examples that are actually coincidence, but the key nature of these chapters along with very unique numbering associated with them should cause you to pause and consider that our God might be bigger than you imagine and has been more involved in the activities of the world than we ever imagined.

Consider the numbers associated with these chapters and the text related to them - could this all be coincidence?
  • John 3 - the 1000th chapter - Home of John 3:16 "God so loved the world...". A key verse of Christianity in the 1000th chapter - Josephus said #1000 is God's number of Perfection
  • Psalm 22 - the 500th chapter - Another key chapter with Jesus speaking in first person while hanging on the cross. #500 and #50 are related to the number of Jubilee - the forgiving of all debts which is what was accomplished with Jesus crucifixion.
  • Jerimiah 32 - the 777th chapter - 777 is a number of being sanctified; being saved; or made clean. In this chapter God says he will send Israel away to exile, but more importantly the Lord promises he will one day restore Israel - save them. For more evidence of #777 symbolism, see also Isaiah 6:7, the 17777th verse that speaks of Isaiah's being made clean. Also see 1Samuel 21:4, the 7777th verse that speaks of the holy consecrated bread (which was made perfect and clean).
  • Ecclestiaces 7 - the 666th chapter - A number we already associate with sin and evil - this chapter tells of the wickedness of men.
  • Haggai 2 - the 911th chapter - A chapter telling of the coming judgment of God where the Lord says "I will shake the nations". 911 is a God number that speaks of consequences to nations that fall away from him. Reference also Daniel 9:11, the 22000th verse, that declares judgment against Israel who has fallen away. See the Bible's other 9:11 verses for other evidence.
  • John 2 - the 999th chapter - #999 is a number related to events that take place immediately prior to the final judgment of the Lord. For example, the 23,999th verse tells about people who are taken up just before the "day of the Lord" - Matthew 24:41. John chapter 2 tells of the wedding that was taking place in Cana. The #999 cross-Bible chapter number theme suggests the chapter about the wedding is a parallel to the Wedding Feast the faithful will attend in the last days.
  • Matthew chapter 1 - the 930th chapter - #39 and it's corresponding number #93 (39 in reverse) are both found consistently associated with Israel in the Bible. It is as if #39 speaks of Israel who has not yet completed their "40 years" of wilderness wandering and remain stalled in their 39th year - not yet entering the promised land. This 930th and first chapter of the New Testament gives evidence for Jesus being the Messiah the Jews are waiting for. #930 suggests this chapter is precisely located and numbered to help prove to Israel who Jesus is. Another amazing evidence for the supernatural placement of this chapter is found in Psalm 117, the exact middle and only two verse chapter of the Bible. It contains the 1929th and 1930th Bible verses - the 929 and 930 in these two cross Bible verse numbers seem to point precisely to the cross-Bible chapter numbers that divide the Old and New Testaments. The 929th chapter is Malachi chapter 4 and the 930th is Matthew chapter 1. This is an incredible validation of the preciseness of scripture - an impossible coincidence that I believe one day will be one of the most amazing confirmations of the supernatural structure of the Bible.
These are just a few evidences, but I believe anyone that seriously considers the key nature of these chapters and how their numbers appear to specially highlight their contents, will have to wonder about what God has done and will have a difficult time dismissing them as coincidence. In these last days it seems God is revealing the Bible is more perfect than anyone has previously imagined.

Scripture says God says he can do anything, and the number evidence seems to indicate he has done what we could never have imagined in the Bible's numbering - they are all perfect and help us interpret and understand the scriptures - Jer 32:27 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?"

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