Sunday, October 31, 2010

In 1517 Martin Luther Posted the 95 Thesis on the Church Door (Reformation Day, Oct 31st)

In 1517 Martin Luther Posted the 95 Thesis on the Church Door (Reformation Day, Oct 31st). Was this event predicted in the Bible? It appears so...a prophetic verse that points to a very important event in the history of the Christian church.
Deu 15:17 then you shall take an awl and pierce it through his ear into the door, and he shall be your servant forever. Also you shall do likewise to your maidservant.
Notice how the text of this verse with reference of 15:17 seems to match with the historical event that took place in the year 1517....

Reformation Day is the Christian holiday we celebrate Martin Luther's act of reformation - it is commonly celebrated on the 31st of October of every year but there are disputes as to the actual day of this act of Luther in posting the 95 thesis. I believe it is no coincidence that many celebrate Halloween on this same day and suspect it is a way to distract from this amazing Christian date in history. It seems very similar to how December 25th-Christmas, the celebration of the appearance of Jesus on earth (not necessarily the day of his birth) is claimed by many to be the improper date to celebrate. There are many evidences in the Bible strongly suggesting #25 is associated with many appearances of the Lord. The primary of these evidences is the 25,000th verse of the Bible where baby Jesus is first presented publically as the messiah at the temple. See the verses beginning at Luke 2:25(25)-26, 27 - Luke 2:26 is the 25,000th verse. The 2500th verse also points to an appearance of the Lord on earth--Exodus 34:3-8 encompasses this event of Moses going before the Lord who appeared to him (34:3 is the 2500th verse). Matthew 1:25 speaks of Jesus birth and Matthew chapter 25 is about the coming of the Bridegroom - Jesus. God is in control of this world more than we can possibly imagine and I suspect he causes some things to be that we thought are the work of men. I believe October 31st is the true Reformation Day, December 25th is God's intended day for celebrating his appearance; and that numbers throughout the Bible are of his creation, not ours.
This verse at Deuteronomy 15:17 is evidence the Bible contains numbers corresponding to dates in history. Although not proof, it is very interesting. This noteworthy verse in Deuteronomy tells of a seemingly strange custom, but when we see how it lines up with one of the most significant events in Christian history, we can get a glimpse of a reason the text was worded in the sort of strange way it was. God so often hides deep meanings in his word just below the surface of the text so he may reveal it to the diligent - when he decides it is time to do so. In this verse, the word "ear" used in the original translation may also be associated with posting a "notice". It would make sense this scripture is saying the servant who desires to be a bondservant is to post a notice on the door of the ownwer's house so others may be fully aware he is now a bondservant of his own will. Although this verse seems prophetic, it is not worded as a statement of prophecy. The text appears intentionally phrased to catch our attention so one day we might realize this passage's chapter and verse reference are not accidental. God wanted us to one day know he deliberately numbered chapter and verses to perfection to prove without doubt he is the author of the Bible.

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