Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twitter Tweets for AmazingWord for the last month

I've had so little time to think and write in the past few weeks that the best I've done is to get on Twitter and share snippits of my studies and own wanderings. Here's some of the ones for the last month...

#999 is about last things before a major transition or event
After #999, #1000th chapter-God's Promise, John 3:16 God..gave #Jesus, His only begotten Son...that whoever believes in Him shall not perish
The #bible's DNA like numbering forms patterns that help us interpret; my interpretations certainly can be wrong, but patterns remain
21,999th #bible verse-God fed up with sins of nation, #999=last things; 22,000th Dan 9:11(911) curse poured out on nation
#999 another "taken up/rapture" type - The 19909th verse Jer 38:13 they pulled Jeremiah up lifted him out of the cistern #apologetics #Jesus
For fun-#bible matches numbering and text; in the 10,110th (10,10) verse 2Kin 20:11 the LORD brought shadow on the stairway back "ten" steps
#999 in #bible; similar to being "taken up" to be kept in a place; the 9990th verse 2Kin 17:6 In 9th year Israel captured and carried away
#9/#999 & #prophecy 1Kings 8:13; 299th chap; 8999th ver; Temple finished; God enters in; 9000th verse-the King (Jesus) appears #teamjesus
#999 and #prophecy John 2, the 999th chapter; the wedding; passover; the bridegroom called; water to wine; clears the temple #jews believed
More #rapture like #999 scriptures-the 22,999th verse in 919th chapter-Zech 8:22 So many peoples and nations will seek the LORD in Jerusalem
#prophecy in the #bible and #999 - 20,999th verse Eze 22:22 'As silver is melted in the furnace, so you will be melted in the midst of it...
#endtimes - another #999 number about #lastdays - 9399th verse 1Kin 19:11 (911) the LORD was passing by! And a great wind and #earthquake...
Numbers guide us-like the 24,000th-the 31,000th-Rev 18:6 consequences about to be poured out; immediately before this God's people called up
Numbers guide understanding; the 24,000th verse Matt 24:42 highlights the "Day" of the Lord; 23,999th immediately before-faithful taken up!

Biblical Number Symbolism and Numbering not to be Feared
I suspect Satan knew about God's DNA like #Biblical numbers and has spent centuries preparing us to fear and distrust their study  #theology
#Biblical #Numbers - Are guideposts to more accurate understanding and interpretation of scriptures and not to be feared #apologetics

More about #666 #36 & #18 related to Sin/Repentence/Confession
The 1153rd bible chapter/30415th verse 1Pet 2:15 ..such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men
Psalm 53:1 is in the 531st #bible chapter-The fool has said in his heart "There is no God"...are corrupt-have committed abominable injustice
The 666th verse of Luke - 14:6 "And they could make no reply to this" -- lawyers and Pharisees could not explain their sin
The 666th verse of Mark - Mrk 16:8 They fled from the tomb..trembling-astonishment gripped them...they said nothing...for they were afraid
The 666th verse of Matthew - great sin - 20:18(6+6+6) the Son of Man will be delivered to the chief priests...they will condemn Him to death
#bible #666 and sin; 666th verse of 1Samuel; 25:17 ..evil is plotted against our master and his household; and he is such a worthless man...
#666 #bible's DNA like numbers=sin-666th verse of Deu-25:11 men struggling-the wife puts her hand and seizes his genitals #atheism #theology
#666 in #bible about sin-the #666th verses of books; 1Kings 18:42 the 666th verse of 1Kings - Ahab bent over in fear #apologetics #theology
#666 in #bible - sin/terror - 1Kin 18:42 So Ahab went up to eat and drink-he crouched down on the earth and put his face between his knees
#666 in #bible = sin/consequences of sin Isa 66:6 A voice of uproar from the temple/of the LORD who is rendering recompense to His enemies
#666 about sin-DNA like #bible numbering shows #36 like #666 (3 sixes) verse of original sin Gen 3:6 "she took the fruit and ate" #teamjesus
#666 in #bible #18 related 6+6+6; Rev 13:18 "number of the beast" 666 in 18th verse/1180th chapter #apologetics #atheism
#666 in #bible about sin; the 29,666th verse; 2The 2:4 #antichrist - he takes his seat in the temple displaying himself as God - #theology
#666 in #Bible - sin - John 6:66 As a result, many of His disciples withdrew and were not walking with Him anymore #apologetics #teamjesus
#666 in #Bible about sin-the 6666th verse-Judg 6:11 the angel of the LORD came as his son Gideon was beating out order to save it
#666 in the #Bible sin/wickedness; the 666th chapter about sin; Ecc 7 - v20 there is no righteous man on earth who does good and never sins

Biblical Interpretation Clues
Stumbling Block - clues to biblical interpretation #bible #apologetics #teamjesus #Jesus
@ChosenPeopleUSA Perfect #bible #39 39th book is Malachi - Matthew chapter 1 is the 930th chapter...God is GOoD!
@ChosenPeopleUSA - God in control...thx, today I needed that. Praise Jesus that he is in control.
Perfect #Bible; #777 = sanctified; 17777th verse; Isa 6:7..this touched your lips-your iniquity is taken away-your sin is forgiven #atheist
Perfect #Bible; #777 = saved, sanctified, consecrated; 7777th verse; 1Sam 21:4 there is no ordinary bread..but is consecrated bread #atheist

Biblical Numbers not a Coincidence
Coincidence? #1=unity, first things, things counted-the 11111st #Bible verse 1Chr 27:1 ..the enumeration of Israel-1000s-100s-more #atheist
Amazing #Bible Coincidence? The 24,000th #Bible verse is Matthew "24":"42" in a chap/ver about "day" (24 hrs) of the Lord #atheist #atheism
Amazing #bible beyond coincidence? How is the shortest and only 2 verse chapter also the 595th and exact middle chapter? #atheist #atheism
Amazing-for atheists that would seek God if he might be there-the 1000th Bible chapter is John 3 - home of John 3:16 How? #atheist #atheism
#911 - the 22220th verse; Hos "9:11" ..Ephraim, their glory will fly away like a bird; interesting Dan "9:11" is the 22000th verse; 22=Jesus
#911 - Dan "9:11"..all Israel has transgressed Your law and turned aside, not obeying Your voice; the curse has been poured out #apologetics
Numbers in history; #911; consequences of abominations of nations; the 11911th verse; 2Chr 33:2 according to the abominations of the nations
#67 6 days work/7th rest Exo 24(6):16(7)..LORD rested on Mt Sinai-the cloud covered it for 6 days; the 7th He called to Moses-661st ver(67)
Number Symbolism #67-Jesus hates evil-Prov 6:16 six things the LORD hates seven an abomination 6:16=67-the 634th chap(67)
Numbers in history - 6/7/1967 and #67 - End of the 6 day war - on the 7th day God rested - #apologetics #teamjesus

Egypt in the Bible and 2/11/2011 - Hosni Mubarak conceded his throne
#211 & 2/11/2011 - the first 4 mentions of Egypt in Bible are in Genesis 12:10, 12:11, 12:12 & 12:14 - Note:#211 in chapter/verse #endtimes
Don't believe Bible's chapter and verse are divinely inspired? Do you think God could do it if he wanted to? Of course! Let evidence decide
#211 & 2/11/2011 & Egypt - The Sphinx Lion symbol? - 22711th verse/2:11 verse of Naham - lion's den..young lions..lion..lioness..lion's cub
#211 & 2/11/2011 & Egypt - the 211th verse of Exodus v9:1 Thus says the LORD...God of the Hebrews, "Let My people go, that they may serve Me
#211 and 2/11/2011 - the 1112nd Bible verse - Gen 37:28 they lifted Joseph out of the pit...they brought Joseph into Egypt
#211 & 2/11/2011 (211211) - the first 4 mentions of Egypt in Bible are in Genesis 12:10, 12:11, 12:12 & 12:14 - Notice #211 in chapter/verse
#211 - 2/11/2011 - historical date - Hosni Mubarak conceded his throne to free people of Egypt #jesustweeters a pattern?
#211 - 2/11/2011 - the Bible's 211th chapter - The Lord plagued Egypt and brought Israel out of the land #theology #apologetics #teamjesus
2/11/2011 - Like 911, #211 appears to be a God number - about worshiping other God's - In Egypt Israel had idols-Egypt seems related to #211

A Coincidence?
Zechariah 6:1-8 & Revelation 6:1-8 both prophecy of 4 horsemen-A. Baxter ENDTIME.COM-Bible chapter and verse divinely inspired #apologetics

Pattern of Number Symbolism Seen In Bible Books
Book number symbolism; 10th book- 1&2 Kings; #10 endings, completion, final things; God "finished" w Israel-exiles them-promises restoration
Book number symbolism; 9th book 1-2 Samuel; #9 persevering in service waiting for Jesus return; Saul & David how not to, and how to serve
Book number symbolism; 8th bk-Ruth-#8 remnant saved-given the land; 8th Bible chapter Gen 8-ark rests remnant of 8 saved from destruction
Book number symbolism; 7th bk-Judges-#7 becoming complete/saved-trying/failing again & again-until we finally give up our ways to follow God
Book number symbolism; 6th book-Joshua-"crossing over" taking the land; sin/repenting from sin; 6th Bible chapter-God was sorry he made man
Book number symbolism; 5th book-Deuteronomy-statutes/covenants/rules/promises/blessings/curses; rules before entering the land-instructions
Bible book number symbolism; 4th book- Numbers; time in wilderness wandering; about things of this world-40 days/years trials #jesustweeters
Bible book number symbolism; 3rd book is Leviticus; #3 the holiness/righteousness of God - God's Holy Spirit; 3rd part of Trinity #teamjesus
Bible book number symbolism; 2nd book Exodus - #2 a deliverer/redeemer is sent; 2nd part of Trinity- Jesus comes for us - #apologetics
Text of Bible books line up number symbolism; 1st bk Genesis; #1 God, beginnings, creation, things separated/"counted" by kind
Book nor symbolism - the 22nd book Lamentations - has 5 chapters, 4 w/22 verses, 5th w/66; 22 is symbolic for Jesus the suffering servant
Bible has 57 "full" books with books like 1-2 Kings counted as one - why important? numerical patterns show symbolism of nbrs line up w/text

#39 and #40 Israel and their Continued Wilderness Wandering
#40 the 40th Book of the Christian Bible-Matthew- 1:1 The record of the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham
#39 and the Bible - A number for all that warns of us of not coming out of wilderness wandering (#40) to accept Jesus - 40 days Jesus tested
#39 and Israel - Eze 3:9 harder than flint I made your forehead. Do not be afraid..or dismayed before them - they are a rebellious house
#39 and Israel - Gen 3:9 Then the LORD God called to the man, and said to him, "Where are you?"
#39 and Israel - Psalm 107:39 When they are diminished and bowed down Through oppression, misery and sorrow
#39 and Israel - John 8:39 They answered to Him-"Abraham is our father" Jesus said  "If you are Abraham's children, do the deeds of Abraham"
#39 and Israel-Luke 24:39 See My hands and My feet-it is I Myself; touch Me and see-for a spirit does not have flesh/bones as you see I have
#39 and Israel - Matt 24:39 and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be
#39 and Israel-Eze 39:7 My holy name I will make known in the midst of My people Israel, nations will know I am the LORD-Holy One in Israel.
#39 and Israel - 309th Bible chapter; 1Kin 18:21 Elijah said How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him
#40 is a number about the wilderness experience, testing, wandering; #39 a number for Israel - not exited the wilderness yet? #apologetics

I Continue to Reshare my Most Compelling Evidences...
Matthew chapter 1 is the 930th Bible chapter and first of New Testament; There are 39 books in OT (93 in reverse); 39 is number for Israel
Mystery-how? Psalm 117-the center Bible chapter; the shortest chapter; points to division of OT/NT "Praise the Lord" #apologetics #theology
Matthew 1-the 930th and 1st chapter of the New Testament-Psalm 117:2 the 1930th verse of Psalms-points to begin of NT #theology #apologetics
Malachi 4-the 929th and last chapter of the Old Testament; Psalm 117:1 the 1929th verse of Psalms-points to end of OT #theology #apologetics
Center chapter of the Christian Bible - Psalm 117 - v2 the truth of the LORD is everlasting. Praise the LORD! #theology #apologetics
Shortest chapter of the Bible - just two verses - Psalm 117 - v1 Praise the LORD, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples! #apologetics #theology
Shortest chapter of the Bible - just two verses - Psalm 117 - v1 Praise the LORD, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples!

My unorthodox suppositions about numbers came from my desire to make sense of God's Word-I needed proof-I was shocked with what God revealed
"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper" Eden Phillpotts #jesustweets #teamjesus #apologetics

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