Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#888 = Number of Jesus name - both JESUS & YHVH

I've posted a series of tweets ( that show how #888 calculates to be the number of Jesus name for both the spelling JESUS and YHWH. The Bible Wheel website documents this well ( The Bible's amazing God inspired numbering seems to line up perfectly to verify both the symbolism of #888 and the supernatural DNA like Bible numbering.

I've just copied my tweets below which contain the evidences...

#888 = name of JESUS & YHVH - The 10,888th #bible verse; 1Chr 17:24 "Let Your name be established and magnified forever...The LORD of hosts"

#888 = JESUS & YHVH - 30,888th verse - Rev 11:15 loud voices in heaven "The kingdom of the world..the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ"

#888 = name of JESUS & YHVH - The 28,888th #bible verse = 2Cor 5:10 we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ

#888 = name of JESUS & YHVH - The 29,888th #bible verse (KJV & similarly numbered) 2Tim 4:17 ..the Lord stood with me and strengthened me

#888 = name of JESUS & YHVH - The 888th #bible chapter; Amos 9, v1 says "I saw the Lord standing beside the altar.."

#888=JESUS&YHVH - 26,888th ver/88th NT chap John 20:20 He showed His hands/His side-they rejoiced when they saw the Lord

There is a supernatural numbering of all the Bible's books, chapters, verses that even includes all cross Bible sequence numbers in virtually every way I find them. I call it the DNA of God's Word. Praise Jesus.


  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    it's called "DN8"

    the gentle twist of a zero/0 turns it into a hero/8.

    the 8 is a DN8 chain. stack three 8's on top of one another and you'll see the start of the chain.

    the DN8 chain is also called a ladder. Jacobs ladder. when viewed from the very top, or the very bottom the DN8 is seen as a wheel, in the middle of a wheel, in the middle of a wheel, in the middle of a wheel, and so on, and so on. it is the code of LIFE, and it is the key to the highest family. this is where the "rib" was taken and used to build HIS bride. it is the spiral staircase of great angelic, and heavenly activity between this world and the highest kingdom. when watching the messengers on the turning ladder you will behold asending and descending happening at the same time. an abundant life is "here" and gifts galore are availible. no ordinary sleeper can see this ladder, but a sleeper with a dream CAN. it is the dreamer with a clean desire who can see it.

    can you hear/see wind driven rain when the land is dry?

    1. Where is the information found? I am not being cheekie. I really need to understand this information that you have provided. Thank you

  2. my name value is 888.. what does it means