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The Bible's #26, #126 and #1260 consistently point to the return of the Lord
One of the most amazing sets of evidence that the Bible has a supernatural DNA like numbering is the Bible's references to the 1260 days, 42 months or 3 1/2 years measured from what some refer to as the last half of the tribulation, to the return of Jesus. Ponder the chances that Revelation 12:6 mentions 1260 in the text? That might be coincidence, but then see the 126 relationship in Dan 12:6, Dan 9:25 and other verses and it's near impossible to logically accept these are all some sort of strange coincidence...

1,260 days=42 mths=3.5 yrs--Rev 12:6 the woman fled into wilderness..she would be nourished for 1,260 days--c/v 12:6 Coincidence?

1,260 days until Jesus return - Rom "11:26" .."all Israel will be saved.."THE DELIVERER WILL COME FROM ZION,..." #prophecy #126 in ver ref

1,260 days=3.5 yrs--Nbrs guide interpretation Dan "12:6" "how long til the end..time-times&1/2 time c/v 126 seems to say 3.5 years

#26 time to #Jesus return - 276th verse of Dan and 762 in text - Dan 9:25 "from issuing decree..until Messiah the Prince..7&62 weeks

#26/#62 related to #Jesus return - Dan 9:"26" "after "sixty-two" weeks the Messiah will be cut off...desolations are determined

#26 God's consistency in #Bible's DNA numbers--Days until Jesus coming--Luke "2:6" "the days were completed for her to give birth" - (Jesus coming into the world)

#26 related to Jesus coming -- 1Cor "11:26" as often as you eat this bread/drink cup you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes

#1,260 related to #126/#26-Interesting Neh "2:6" "..How long will your journey be..when will you return?..I gave a definite time"

#999 is "caught up" #-25,999th ver Lk 24:7 3rd day He will rise / #26--26,000th #Bible verse Jesus risen-Lk 24:8 "they remembered"

 #26 related to Jesus coming -- The #Bible's (KJV/NIV/NASB..) 26,026th ver Lk 24:34  "The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon"

#999 and #99 and nines in general point to last things before the very end...Rapture/Catching Up

#999 is #Bible's #rapture nbr-#999=last things before end; 23999th ver Matt 24:41 "one will be taken, other left" 24,000th ver "Day of Lord"

#999 is #Bible #rapture nbr--30998-30999th ver Rev 18:4-5 'Come out of her my people,so that you won't receive of her plagues"

#Rapture -- my guess is John 2, (999th chap) about #Rapture/Jesus return--John 2:1 On the third day there was a wedding in Cana

hard to explain #27=999 # (3x9) as is 39--Rev 19:9 Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb-many 27s assoc w/ver

#777 and #77 are related to salvation -- 777 related to being made perfect...

There's lots of other examples in scripture for the relationship between #777 and salvation. I just wanted to point out the 777th Bible chapter where God says he will exile Israel, but promises to bring them back (save them).

#777 nbr salvation-777th #Bible chapter Jer 32 Israel will be saved--19773rd ver (73=3 7s) 32:41 (32+41=73) Returned to their land #apologetics

#77 Savior-1077th  chap; 409th ver of 1Cor (7x7=49); 148th(49) NT Chap; 28773rd ver--15:54 mortal will put on immortality-#Bible's nbr DNA

#53/#35 in the Bible is very special - Glory of God, Glorified by God, Lifted Up...

#53/#35 Being lifted up by Jesus - 153 fish lifted up in John 21:11 - Psalm 35 is the 513rd chap; ver 17 Lord.."Rescue" my soul

#53/#35 Glorified -- 153 fish lifted in net (Jn 21) - see also Pslm "35":8 #Bible's 513rd chap "let the net which he hid..fall" - (interesting comparison to the fish being lifted up in the net that did not break in John 21)
#53 Redeemed-lifted up-set free--Verse reference numbers guide interpretation--5333rd Bible verse is --Deu 15:13 "When you set him free..."

#53 Redeemed-set free-Exo 15:13 "You have led the people You redeemed..You have guided them to Your holy habitation" Like Ref Verses similar

#39 #Jews--39 OT bks; still wandering 40 yrs-1; "9939"th #Bible verse 2Kng 15:13 Jabesh became king in the "39"th year of Uzziah ref==text

Numbers have +/- meaning #53 also=unsaved--"309"th(39) BkVer 2Chr 15:13 those who don't seek LORD God of #Israel...put to death

#s +/- meaning #53 Life/Death--Mrk "15:13" (53) They shouted "Crucify Him!" ---- Isa "53":3 He was despised and forsaken of men

Numbers have +/- meaning #53 also=unsaved--Matt 15:13 He answered "Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted"

Numbers have +/- meaning #53 about Life&Death -- John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends"

Numbers have +/- meaning #53 about Life&Death -- 1Cor 15:13(53) But if there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised

#53 #prophecy? - the 5353rd verse of Bible -- Deu 16:10 "Then you shall celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the LORD" #apologetics #jews #israel (some say it is during this feast celebration when Jesus will return)

Reading my previous set of tweets you see evidence how like referenced verses contain some similar themes - Use to help interpret any verse

Notice like referenced(chap&ver) 15:13 examples in prev tweets show consistent symbolism in OT&NT -- what does that tell you? It's one book!

#14 nbr for Jesus the King; "1414"th ver of Psalms=89:27 "I also shall make My firstborn The highest of the kings of the earth" - see Rev 14

Who is "The Angel of the Lord" that appears in many Bible verses?

#53 a reference to Jesus? …"The angel of the lord" mentioned in 53 Bible verses--Isa 53, 53rd verse of 53rd Bible chapter Glory of God (comparing Isaiah 53 with Exodus 3 (53rd Bible chapter) where Moses was standing before the Burning Bush (Glory of God))

#22 is Jesus servant nbr (Pslm 22) Num 22:22 The Angel of the LORD took his stand as an adversary against him (Angel of the Lord appears to be Jesus himself - #22 is a very strong Jesus number; Psalm 22 Jesus on the Cross; Genesis 22 Abraham taking Isaac to be sacrificed)

#Bible's numbers say Jesus--53rd chapter Exodus 3 "The Angel of the LORD" appeared to him in a blazing fire

#Bible's numbers say Jesus--563rd #Bible ver -Gen 22:15 The Angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven

The progressive Redemption pattern of #Bible numbers
What I call the 10 part Redemption Pattern of God is found everywhere in the Bible and I believe can even be found in our universe (I.E. Solar system; Sun is #1; Earth is #4th (3rd from sun) The Wilderness. See my website. These tweets were showing how the 6 verses of Psalm 23 following the Redemption Pattern. Psalm 107 is also one of my favorite examples. But you can find the pattern in every set of verses and list and count and everything else in the Bible. Notice how the same pattern found in the first books of the Bible fit the symbolic meanings found in Psalm 23:1-6. You can also find this same pattern in the first 10 chapters of the Bible (IE Gen 6 God was sorry he made the world=sin; Gen 7 The cleansing great flood; Gen 8 the remnant of 8 of Noah's family saved-The Godly)

#1=Genesis/Counted/who leads/first things--Ps 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd
#2=Exodus/ appointed redemer comes-Ps 23:2 He leads me beside quiet waters
#3=Leviticus/God's righteousness--Ps 23:3 he guides paths of righteousness
#4=Numbers/Wilderness wandering-Ps 23:4 God with us walking valley of death
#5=Deuteronomy/Blessings/curses--Ps 23:5 you anointed me/my cup overflows
#6=Joshua/Repenting sin and crossing into promised land--Ps 23:6 I will dwell with the LORD
#7=Judges - Discipline/Good Shepherd/Rod&Staff - becoming Godly
#8=Ruth - Finally giving up our own way and returning to God (becoming Godly servants)
#9=1st/2nd Samuel (the complete book) Examples of serving God (Saul/David)
#10=1st/2nd Kings - The last things - Judgment on Israel/Exile God's land empty

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