Thursday, February 09, 2012

The number 17 -- resurrection, casting down, blood, flood, consecration...

Following is a list of recent Twitter Tweets I sent to help show the symbolism of the Bible's number 17. Some of the first Bible evidences for this DNA like numbering is found in the account of the flood. The rains of the great flood began on the 17th of the month representing both lifing up/saving of the faithful and the destruction of the wicked. The ark also rested on the 17th of the month reflecting the end of the earth cleansing event. Having this very clear example helps to understand other places in the Bible where number seventeen is found.

You will also find this number strongly related to both water and blood throughout the Bible. You can decide for yourself the best definition of #17 - I see it strongly related to things of being saved/lifted up or resurrection. Blood and water/floods relate to cleansing and saving as well. It is often found also relating to those who are going to be lifted up/cast down.

Don't assume my definition for #17 is accurate, but use this information to start forming your own opinion about the symbolism of #17. To understand this number better, watch verse seventeens as well as chapter seventeens in your study. Seventeen is one of the easiest numbers to observe the patterns between the Bible's numbers and text. Enjoy the journey of learning and let God draw you nearer to him as you discover the amazing nature of this number.
(pardon the cryptic nature of the tweets caused by trying to communicate a thought in 140 characters or less) 

#17 water/blood nbr 137th #Bible chapter & 717th ver of Num (20:10) rebels_shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock? #apologetics

#17 is flood/blood/consecration nbr- Lev 23:27 "On exactly the tenth day of this seventh month (17) is the day of atonement.. #apologetics

#17 #Blood/#Water nbr; 107th chap; Lev 17:14 I said to sons of Israel, 'You are not to eat the blood..for the life of all flesh is its blood

#17 is a #BLOOD number; The 107th chapter; Lev 17:11 the life of flesh is in the blood..the blood..of the life makes atonement #apologetics

#17 water/blood nbr; #Bible's 1717th verse--Exo 8:6 Aaron stretched his hand over the water..frogs came up and covered the land #apologetics

#17=flood/blood/cleansing-Psa "107:17" Fools because of their rebelliousness/iniquities were afflicted 1777th ver of Psa; 15717th of #Bible

#17 is blood/flood number 170 ver of Exo; 1703rd of #Bible-Exo "7:17" I will strike WATER..with the staff in my hand/it will turn to BLOOD

#17 is flood/blood number; Gen 8:4 In the 7th month on the 17th of the month (717 again) the ark rested upon mountains of Ararat #prophecy

#17 is a flood nbr--the 177th verse of Genesis; Gen "7:17" the flood came on the earth for 40 days and the water rose and lifted up the ark

Beyond coincidence? Psa 77:17 Rain Storm-thunder-lightening-#17 is a flood nbr; ark rose/rested on
17th. This is 1171th ver of Psa #scripture

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