Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks so much for comments many have left here...apologies for not responding

Sorry for not analyzing and responding to some posts recently left for me on this blog. I very much appreciate you who also see the possibility of the supernatural nature of Biblical numbers. As others have mentioned here, it is easier to observe a general and definite pattern of numbers to text, but much more difficult to decide what the patterns mean. It is to the glory of God when we observe this miracle of His Word. As so many things God speaks to us individually, I think they are often a reward for our diligence in the study of the Bible and suspect they are intentionally difficult for us to explain these secrets to others. The Bible is spiritually discerned and I suspect God would have us declare the perfection and wonder of his word, but not give us the ability to convince others of what the spirit reveals. Please understand that I (as I suspect others also) don't feel singled out by God to have the unique privilege of observing the patterns. They seem very simple to observe and I believe God will somehow reward anyone who digs intently into his Word. I'm convinced the numbers and patterns are just a couple of untold miracles to be discovered in the Bible.

I do think that those of us who catch a glimpse of some of these miracles can provide clues that hopefully will motivate others to seek out the mysteries of the Bible for themselves.

Thanks so much for the encouragement you give me by knowing that I'm not alone and am part of an apparently small number of people that God has rewarded with the observation of the Bible's supernatural numbering.

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