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1776 July 4th - A Cross of Calvaly on the USA National Mall

Did God design the USA National Mall features to point to Jesus Christ?

February 18, 2013 I was tweeting about this past blog post and noticed two new evidences that further suggest the cross on the National Mall is a divinely designed symbol of our nation's heritage -- we are a God planned nation.  Abraham Lincoln sitting on a white throne at the top of the cross seems to reflect the throne in the Bible verse (Rev 20:11 Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them.) The Reflecting Pool that sits between the Lincoln Memorial (Abraham/God) and the Washington Monument (Jesus Christ) would appear a perfect representation of the sea of glass mentioned in (Rev 4:6 and before the throne there was something like a sea of glass, like crystal...) Grand design? -- all the symbolic "coincidences" of the features of the mall as compared to points of The Cross are too incredible to all be a product of chance. "One Nation, Under God..."
Back in 2007 I ran across a website that happened to mention the United States National Mall was in the shape of a cross and that the Washington Monument was 555 feet high. Since I was interested in numbers in the Bible, I had to go look for myself. WOW! I was totally amazed when I saw the aerial  picture of the mall -- it truly was in the shape of a perfect cross! The exact image of a cross you might find in any church in America.

My first thought was how incredible it was that the designer of the National Mall would choose this cross shape and this fact still being basically an unknown feature of the mall. As I investigated more I learned the shape of the National Mall was not designed as a cross at all - the original design looked more like an L with the Potomac river running through the parts that would later form the cross.

Following are four slides from a much larger slide presentation I have on the National Mall. The presentation demonstrates how the National Mall looks to be a supernatural creation of God built gradually over many years. It could not have been designed by one man knowing the cross would ever exist.

The latest addition to the mall is the most incredible demonstration of God's influence on its design. The World War II memorial was opened in 2004 and is in the shape of a wreath and displays 50 wreaths - one for each state in the union. The wreath can also be seen as an imagine of a "Crown of Thorns" that Jesus Christ wore on the cross. That might sound a bit contrived until you realize the WWII memorial on the National Mall is in the exact location where you would find a symbolic Crown of Thorns hung on your Church cross Easter Morning - placed over the crossbar about the position where Jesus' head would have been. With all the other "coincidental" locations of the mall features, could this most recent addition be in the perfect place by chance?

Following are a few slides I wanted to share for this year's July 4th 2012 Independence Day. Watch this blog for more details about the Cross on the National Mall. Click on the Slide1,2.. links on the left to view the image in your browser window.

 Slide 1
  Slide 2
 Slide 3
  Slide 4

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