Monday, October 08, 2012

The very special nature of #8 in scripture -- the Godly, resurrection...receiving the Holy Spirit

Every one of God's numbers has very special symbolism and there is a progression of God's plan represented in the digits 1-0 (10). Number eight relates to what I believe is the 8th step in God's ten part pattern in being delivered and with him in heaven. I was writing about the special nature of the number eight for a friend and thought it would be a good thing to share its symbolic association to others...

#8 --- Eight is the number of becoming Godly. It is about those who are faithful to God. Eight is the step where we are dedicated or made Godly and is related to the receiving of the Holy Spirit...
  • Eight days are related to the time of circumcision and baptism 
  • Eight is related to resurrection of which there are eight written about. 
  • In Genesis chapter 8 the remnant of the 8 faithful finally come to rest after the flood. 
  • In the 8th book of Ruth, Naomi and Ruth give up staying in Moab and return to back to God's land where he was caring for his people--the godly. 
  • Romans 8:1 says "there is no condemnation...". 
  • In Leviticus 8:8 the breastplate with the Urim & Thummin is placed on Moses. 
  • In John 20 it was after eight days the disciples were together, that Jesus instantly appeared to them; 
  • In Acts chapter 8 the first receiving Holy Spirit is documented; 
  • Hebrews chapter 8:8 tells of the coming New Covenant...
As you observe any number eight in the scriptures observe how it is very often related to holiness, righteousness, the Holy Spirit, the saved remnant and other aspects of the Godly and saving of God's people.

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