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#9 - One-line descriptions for each of the Bible's Chapter Nines Tell Us About Serving Until Jesus Returns.

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Were you aware that anything found in the Bible related to number nine has some aspect of it related to Christians persevering in service while eagerly awaiting for Jesus to return to save his people. For non-believers, number nine speaks about their failure to listen to the Lord, study his word and hear his message of salvation.Number nine is associated to text about those who have turned away from God or somehow turned to their other gods to seek a way to be saved

One of the easiest ways to verify this for yourself is to examine the Bible's chapter nines and look for the chapter nine theme contained in them. Watch how consistently each one has some aspect of them dealing with sin or what to do to stay away from sin...
God's symbolic meaning of numbers in His Word and in the world are one way he has left to show us very clear and unmistakable messages to confirm what the Bible says. They are not difficult to see, you just have to be willing to look for them. A great encouragement for us in these last days...

The Themes Associated With Number Nine

Below I have given a very short one line summary about each of the Bible's chapter nines. Note how they contain themes and textual content related to these concepts:
  1. Number 9 is about the future and about one coming for us. Sometimes this is about passing by, or crossing over, or coming down.
  2. We are to be ready and waiting for Jesus to return for his Godly people who have listened to his word, and believed his message.
  3. We are to be carrying out the commands and instructions of that God has left for us. We are to be faithfully and diligently serving him in spreading the Gospel and caring for his land.
  4. We are to obey the commands and instructions God gave us in his word.
  5. God's wrath and consequences for turning away from him to other Gods will not go unpunished.
  6. God will have great rewards for believers upon his return.
  7. God constantly reminds us that we cannot be saved through our own efforts. We can only depend on the free gift of salvation he always offers us. All we need do is to accept it from him

Brief Descriptions of the Bible's Chapter Nines

  • Genesis 9 - Instructions for Noah to fruitful and multiply; Covenant with future generations. Canaan is cursed.
  • Exodus 9 - Moses warns Pharoah release Jews. Plagues begin to proclaim God's power and His name through all the earth
  • Leviticus 9 - The Glory of the LORD appears to all the people after sacrafices were made and the people were blessed (99th Bible chapter)
  • Numbers 9 - The firey cloud appears over the new tabernacle and the people followed it whenever and wherever it went
  • Deuteronomy 9 - Israel is to cross the land to dispossess nations greater than they are.They are warned, the Lord's strength brought them this far and goes before them now.
  • Joshua 9 - The people of Gibeon deceived Joshua and Israel so they did not obey the Lord and remove them from the land.
  • Judges 9 - Abimelech; Subjugation of Canaan. The danger of trusting in human wisdom without God's supernatural direction.
  • 1Samuel 9 - Saul is going through the land for his father looking for lost donkeys and God leads him to Samuel to be anointed king.
  • 2Samuel 9 - David’s cares for Jonathan's lame son Mephibosheth fulfilling his promise to care for the family of the King's son.
  • 1Kings 9 - The Lord appears to Solomon to establish his throne and promises to bless Israel as long as his sons walk before Him in integrity and uprightness, doing as the Lord commanded
  • 2Kings 9 - Jehu is anointed king of Israel. The Lord commands him to strike the house of Ahab to avenge the blood of His servants the prophets
  • 1Chronicles 9 - A listing of the genealogy of the remnant of Israel written in the Book of The Kings
  • 2Chronicles 9 - The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon. Solomon answers her many questions. She recognizes the riches and blessings of God on Israel for future generations. Solomon's death.
  • Ezra 9 - Ezra's Prayer recognizing Israel has been left an escaped remnant, before God in their guilt, for no one can stand before Him
  • Nehemiah 9 - People of Israel separated themselves from foreigners, read from God's Word, confessed, worshiped, and declared themselves slaves to God and to the land God gave them.
  • Ester 9 - The Jews rid themselves of their enemies and established feast of Purim for celebrating their freedom with feasting, rejoicing and sending food and gifts to each other
  • Job 9 - Job argues, no man can be right before God. We guilty and condemned. Why toil to please him in vain. Simply seek his forgiveness.
  • Psalms 9 - Praise God! Those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You have not forsaken those who seek You. Let the nations be judged that they are but men.
  • Proverbs 9 - Wisdom calls to those who passing, who are making their paths straight, but, only the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom...the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
  • Ecclesiastes 9 - Enjoy life and be wise. The race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors.. time and chance overtake them all. It is a poor wise man in a small city (Jerusalem) who delivers the city by his wisdom.
  • Isaiah 9 - The Lord reaches out to us. People in darkness will find light. A son will be given to us..The Prince of Peace. People are not seeking the Lord and those who guide them are leading them astray
  • Jeremiah 9 - People proceed from evil to evil and do not know Me, Let the wise man boast that he understands and knows The Lord who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness
  • Ezekiel 9 - Due to the iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah, the Lord kills everyone in Jerusalem except those had received a mark because they were against the abominations that had taken place (a passover)
  • Daniel 9 - 70 week prophecy to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. Daniel confesses sins of Israel and prays for God's forgiveness, not on their merit, but seeking God's grace.
  • Hosea 9 - Israel has played the Harlot, forsaking their God. Their prophet is a fool, the inspired men demented. God will cast them away because they have not listened to Him;
  • "Amos 9 - God declares, ""Are you not as sons to Me, O sons of Israel?"". In that day I will destroy the sinful kingdom, Then, I will restore My people and they will rebuild the ruined cities"
  • Zechariah 9 - The LORD is against the enemies of Israel, for the eyes of men and of the tribes of Israel, are toward the LORD. The Lord will defend Israel, destroy their enemies and restore them double.
  • Matthew 9 - Jesus came across the water and was going through all the cities and villages finding those that needed a savior. Told them in 4 places to get up and follow him…and they did.
  • Mark 9 - Jesus comes down from mountain (transfiguration). He condems their unbelief and casts out demons, Those who serve in Jesus name shall not lose their reward. The last shall be first.
  • Luke 9 - Jesus in glory comes down mountain (transfiguration). Days approaching for His ascension. Disciples sent out, followers taken, unbelievers scolded--whoever wishes to save his life will lose it.
  • John 9 - "Do you believe in the Son of Man?"" Jesus passing by... some following him, some questioning him. Unbelievers scolded. Who sinned debated, but Jesus said you only need to believe in Him to be saved"
  • Acts 9 - Jesus comes down and appears and blinds Saul as he is chosen to suffer and bear Jesus name before kings, Jews and Gentiles; Church grows as Paul and Peter go throughout the land preaching the Word of God.
  • Romans 9 - Paul's great sorrow that ""though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sand of the sea, it is only the remnant that will be saved"". Israel does not pursue salvation by faith but by works."
  • 1Corinthians 9 - Running the race: Paul speaks of his responsibility and freedom to diligently preach the Gospel so he also may partake in its rewards. Those who serve and sow spiritual things shall also reap material things to support their efforts.
  • 2Corinthians 9 - Need to give spiritual gifts. He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. God will provide to those who glorify God and for their obedience to sharing our confession of the gospel of Christ
  • Hebrews 9 - Jesus first came as sacrafice for sin. Until he comes again our gifts and sacrafices cannot make us perfect. Men are appointed to die and for Judgement. Christ will appear a second time for the salvation of those who eagerly await Him.
  • Revelation 9 - A star came from heaven to earth and the key of the bottomless pit given to him. Locusts came from the pit to torment godless men being judged because they did not repent of their wickedness

Hard to believe this Pattern of Chapter Nines is Real?

It is very difficult to imagine that God did actually divinely inspire the Bible's numbering and even write the text to fit his numbers. The best way to gradually confirm this for yourself is to examine the themes and numbers for other chapters and notice how they differ from number nine. A recent post I wrote was about the Bible's chapter number 8 themes. Note the consistency of the themes for chapter eights and how it is very different from that of chapter nines. The more you examine each Bible number, the more you will be convinced they have great value in understanding God's Word.

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