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Every number in the Bible has meaning: 32 Chapters have 15 verses and all have a common theme of resurrection/instructions

Evidences for a Perfect Bible

Just a quick observation for the day. I am always totally amazed at the obvious evidences the Holy Bible is divinely organized and numbered down to book, chapter and verse numbers. Even beyond that, even the number of verses in any Bible chapter has meaning. See for yourself...

The KJV and similarly structured bibles have 32 chapters having with 15 verses. The symbolism or meaning associated with number 15 is about promises/declarations from the LORD regarding being saved or resurrected. An example of this is that many refer to 1 Corinthians chapter 15 as the "Resurrection Chapter".

Number 15

Number 15 is also related to number 5 which is about promises, covenants/blessings and curses. I think of #5 and #15 has often having instructions, commands, declarations from God. When the examples include instructions, they are regarding our salvation.

To demonstrate the common themes across chapters with 15 verses, I've included my personal descriptions for these chapters. Note, these are developed over many years and I'm sure they need editing and refinement. In any case, use this list to confirm for yourself, through your own Bible study, how there is an amazing consistency of the theme of messages in chapters with 15 verses. You can also note how this similar theme may be found in the Bible's chapter number 15's:
(Note, Every number has both a positive and negative/opposite meaning, so some of these examples will demonstrate the destruction of those against the LORD. Be sure to use these as examples only. Use your own observations of each chapter's theme to confirm the common theme of messages running through the chapters.)

All the Bible's Chapters with Just 15 Verses:

  1. Josh  5 -- The LORD commands all from wilderness be circumcised (mark saved), Manna stops, The LORD appears
  2. Josh  14 -- The promised land given (restored) to Caleb as inheritance because he followed the LORD God if Israel fully
  3. Judg  12 -- 42,000 of Ephraim killed. Judges, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon judge Israel many years
  4. 1Sam  11 -- Ammonite's besieged Jabesh-gilead and wanted to cut the right eye out of every man as a reproach on all Israel. Jabesh sought out Saul to help save them.
  5. 1Sam  21 -- David alone and running from Saul - finding refuge and help
  6. 2Chr  14 -- Asa called and pleaded for help against a mighty enemy - So the LORD routed the Ethiopians
  7. Ezr  9 -- Ezra's Prayer recognizing Israel has been left an escaped remnant, before God in their guilt, for no one can stand before Him
  8. Est  3 -- Haman gets authority from King Ahasuerus to persecute/kill the Jews
  9. Psa  17 -- Taking refuge and trusting in the Lord to lift up and save
  10. Psa  92 -- Thanks and praise to the LORD for his saving them
  11. Psa  144 -- Prayer for the Lord to come down to earth and protect men who trust him
  12. Isa  47 -- Destruction of Babylon because they rejected God
  13. Isa  52 -- Awake, praise..The LORD has come and announces salvation today and now reigns in Zion
  14. Jer  19 -- The broken flask..The LORD promises to destroy the city and people because of their sacrafices to idols
  15. Eze  35 -- The LORD announces judgment and destruction on all Edom for their persecution of Israel
  16. Hos  5 -- The LORD declares he will punish and hide from Israel until they repent and seek his face
  17. Hos  10 -- #10-Last things--God’s judgment on Israel
  18. Amo  1 -- The LORD declares his destruction/judgment on Damascus, Philistia, Phoenicia, Edom, and Ammon for their sins
  19. Amo  3 -- The LORD declares destruction/judgment to sons of Israel for their transgressions
  20. Amo  9 -- God declares, "Are you not as sons to Me, O sons of Israel?". In that day I will destroy the sinful kingdom, Then, I will restore My people and they will rebuild the ruined cities
  21. Mic  5 -- The LORD declares a future date when he will return and rescue persecuted Israel and be their king
  22. Nahm  1 -- The LORD declares he will be a stronghold in the future day of trouble, resuce Israel and destroy their enemies
  23. Zep  2 -- Prophecies of desolations against the nations
  24. Hag  1 -- The Lord commands...consider your ways, stop living for yourselves, go build the House of the LORD
  25. Zech  6 -- Vision of 4 chariots-"the branch" shall branch out and build the temple of the Lord.
  26. Act  6 -- Complaints some are overlooked, Stephen/deacons selected, Stephen accused of sin, dragged before court
  27. 2Cor  9 -- Need to give spiritual gifts. He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. God will provide to those who glorify God and for their obedience to sharing our confession of the gospel of Christ
  28. 1Tim  2 -- Instructions to women regarding Godly living
  29. Titus  2 -- Commands for Godly living while waiting for Jesus Return
  30. Titus  3 -- subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed,
  31. 3Joh  1 -- not imitate what is evil, but what is good. The one who does good is of God; the one who does evil has not seen God
  32. Rev  20 -- Binding Satan for the pit, unbelievers to the lake of fire.


Pay attention to the numbers of verses in chapters you read and note how the symbolism for that number might help you better interpret the messages in the text.

20 Binding Satan for the pit, unbelievers to the lake of fire.

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