Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Bible is divinely numbered by book, chapter and verse. What if your mind just can't believe the evidence? Cognitive Dissonance

Don't know what to think about numerical patterns in the Bible?

Be aware that our minds sometimes can't accept what it does not believe is possible. It makes no scientific sense and literally seems impossible that God could have numbered the Bible. But the evidence loudly declares the Bible is perfectly written and numbered in an amazing DNA like way.

The number patterns could not be coincidental, nor could they be the work of men. But they exist. The only explanation for this is that we must question our belief that the Bible is the product of men.

Cognitive Bias, Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and other psychological studies explain to us how our minds can get stuck and prevented from taking in proven truths.


How to Overcome our Biases?

What to do about this bias we may observe in ourselves? Seek more evidence for truth that either confirms or denies the evidences. If the evidence keeps pointing to what you can't believe, keep seeking to understand what's going on by looking at more examples.

After I discovered the evidences that God numbered the Bible, it still took me two years of intense study to finally convince my mind the impossible was true. I could stop doubting myself  -- God had numbered the Bible.

Hopefully I present enough solid evidence in these pages to greatly shorten your personal discovery of this truth.

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