Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bible's chapter numbers are one of the best ways to confirm number symbolism

In my online Bible I have added a few short descriptions for Genesis chapters 1-10 that help show the relationship of the Bible's Redemption Pattern ten steps to the its first ten chapters, and first ten books. Follow the link and look at the descriptions at the top of each chapter to consider this number/text relationship.. 1

I've also added links to Job chapters 36-42 that show how the Lord's appearance in these chapters compare to the future Day of the Lord when Jesus returns. This is people's (Israel/Jew's) last chance to; realize Jesus is the Son of God; confess their wickedness; repent/turn from their sin; bow to Jesus; and be saved. This is an act of weakness before God - not one to be resentful of, but one that acknowledges our sinful status status before God. 35

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