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Descriptions of the 28 chapters of Matthew line up with Numeric Map #1-#28

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I've added a full copy of a numerically mapped King James Bible to my website for those interested in investigating the Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map for themselves. It is not intended to compete with other online Bible study tools, but rather to provide number information not found in other Bibles. One of the features I use myself is the list of chapter descriptions included at the front of each book. I try to update these descriptions as I study as the original list started from a non-copyrighted one I found years ago. You can usually tell my newer descriptions as they tend to be longer than just a couple of words. Today I completed rewriting all the descriptions of the 28 chapters of Matthew and I think you might find them interesting. As I started out, I did not intend to make them fit the number themes of the Numeric Map, but I should have known they would if I did them correctly.

The list of descriptions for chapters in Matthew 1-28 might be worthy of printing off and keeping a copy in your Bible as I think it gives a good perspective of the overall message of the first book of the New Testament. Like everything in the Bible, it follows the Redemption Pattern which is about God's progressive plan of salvation. If you read through Matthew while keeping an eye on the chapter descriptions you will find a series of events and teachings that sequentially take you on the walk of the steps of being saved as well as a picture of past, present and future history. Past, in the sense that God's plan has been seen over and over again in the Old Testament in the stories of Moses, Joshua, Joseph, David and others. In the present, many of us believers are in the 9th step of the plan persevering and working to bring fruit to the kingdom while we await Jesus return. In the future, we can see in Matthew chapters 10-28 a picture of the events of the end times including Jesus return; people coming to him; rejection by the Jews; the saving of the remnant; as well as his final ascension to heaven/resurrection (chapter 28). The events of the future have been told to us in patterns of the past. Even if you don't see all these things, this list of the chapter descriptions for Matthew should help you better understand the messages of the book.

I must warn you, although I do believe these to be correct, I don't consider myself a Biblical scholar, so if you have feedback that might correct what I have written, it is more than welcome.

A couple of notes about the book of Matthew:
  • Matthew 1, the first chapter of the New Testament is the 930th chapter of the Bible. Interesting that it follows 39 books of the Old Testament (93/930 in reverse). This first chapter is written to let the Jews know first, that Jesus is the messiah they have been waiting for. Number 39 is a number for Israel and the 39 number symbolism seems to indicate that Israel never exited the wilderness wandering (#40) and is still looking for their messiah. #39 is also about #999 (3 nines) which lines up with the last days events where Jesus will restore Israel. 
  • Regarding the 930th chapter - for number junkies - Psalm 117:1-2 are verses of compelling evidence that ties the NT and OT together by associating Malachi chapter 4 with Matthew chapter 1. Psalm 117 is the exact center Bible chapter, and is the only two verse chapter of the Bible. It does not seem coincidence that these two verses that split the Bible chapters half, are also the 1929 and 1930th verses of the book of Psalms. Correspondingly, Malachi 4 is the 929th and last chapter of the OT, and Matthew 1 is the 930 and first chapter of the NT. The only two verses in the center of Bible chapters that both declare "Praise the Lord!", seem to point to the joining of the Old and New Testaments. They join the coming of Jesus to the end of the the Old Testament.
  • The list of generations in chapter one mentions three lists of 14 generations with fourteen being the key number. It is not actually a list of 42 (3x14) generations, but rather is three lists that intersect to show the genealogy of Jesus. Why fourteen? Because #14 is the number of Jesus the King and Redeemer and the number of Passover. The Bible's 14:14 verses show this with one of the best examples at Revelation 14:14 "Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, having a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand".
  • Also supporting symbolism for #14, in the 14th chapter of Matthew we learn Jesus is the King and Redeemer. This can be seen beginning in verse 28 (2x14) where Peter says "If it is you, command me...".  In verses 29-33 Peter calls out to Jesus to be saved; Jesus saves him; and those in the boat exclaim "you are certainly God's Son!". After that we find the people, who now realize he is the messiah, desperately reaching out to Jesus for healing.
  • Worth a second look - the 28th chapter of Matthew is about Jesus resurrection. #28 is an important resurrection number and this is a good chapter to help remember this number association.
  • It is not coincidence the book of Matthew has 1071 verses as this number reflects the number meanings for #17/#71 and #27/#72. Seventeen is a number for both cleansing and saving. The flood is full of number 17 symbolism as the rain started on the 17th day and the ark rested on the 17th day. Jesus was also resurrected three days after passover (14) on the 17th day. The water of the flood, like the living water of Jesus, both washes us and cleanses the land. The number 27/72 are numbers of witnessing and both reflect a more core number of 77 (2 sevens) which relate to Jesus testifying about himself to be the only way to eternal life. One of the most interesting evidences relating #72 to witnessing is Ruth 4:9 which is the 7200th verse of the Bible; the 72nd verse of Ruth; in the Bible's 236th chapter (2x36=72); and with chapter and verse reference 4:9 where 4x9=36 which is 1/2 of 72. The text associated with all these numbers: Ruth 4:9 Then Boaz said to the elders and all the people, "You are witnesses today that I have bought from the hand of Naomi all that belonged to Elimelech and all that belonged to Chilion and Mahlon.". In this passage, Boaz is an image of Jesus. These are amazing evidences of the perfection of the Numeric Map.
  • Also regarding #27, it is in the 27th chapter of Matthew where Jesus, the Lamb of God, gave his life in the crucifixion. The act of redemption is associated with #77/#27/#72. Another good #77 related evidence can be read about in the full chapter of Psalms 77 -- v15 says  "you have, by your power, redeemed your people".

Chapter descriptions for #1 through #28 in the 28 chapters of Matthew (1071 verses)

Matt 1 - God sent his son - evidence to the Jews Jesus is the waited for messiah - 14 generations mentioned 3 times
Matt 2 - The Redeemer comes - Jesus birth, as prophecy declared, God has come to live among men
Matt 3 - Holy Spirit/holiness - like the Holy Spirit, John the Baptist comes before Jesus to announce his arrival
Matt 4 - Wilderness trials/testing/cleansing - the 40 days of trials and temptation of Jesus by Satan.
Matt 5 - Covenents/Rules - the Beatitudes, Blessed are…levels of blessings granted to progress in the Christian walk?
Matt 6 - Sin/seeking forgiveness - pray from your heart in a secret place to your Lord who can save you
Matt 7 - Guidance/Discipline - Jesus teaches about the Kingdom. Do not judge, ask, seek and you will find
Matt 8 - The Godly Remnant -the step of becoming obedient servants and receiving the Holy Spirit. Also about the unfaithful.
Matt 9 - Persevering/Serving - obedient servants are to follow Jesus without question and persevere as workers in the harvest
Matt 10 - Final/last things - commissioning of the 12 disciples and rewards that will come
Matt 11 - Warnings - Jesus warnings to those who do not recognize him, says to take on his yoke and be rewarded with rest.
Matt 12 - Authority/Judgment - Jesus is judged by the rulers. Many call to him but he says those who do his will are his family.
Matt 13 - Man's way vs God's way - men are confused and cannot believe - want to do what they believe is right. Jesus did not do many miracles in their presence
Matt 14 - Jesus, King and Redeemer - Disciples and others realize Jesus is The Son of God, and reach out to him and to touch his cloak, and are healed.
Matt 15 - Instructions/teachings - Jesus said the people honor me with their lips but teach the doctrines of men. The disciples ask him to explain...
Matt 16 - The Godly who will enter the Kingdom - Peter declares Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.
Matt 17 - Living Water/bread of life/lifting up/casting down - The Transfiguration, Peter, James and John taken up to see Jesus in his glory
Matt 18 - Great sin (666) - if your eye causes you to sin, cut it out
Matt 19 - Confession/dealing with sin - Only God is Good, the rich young ruler
Matt 20 - Great anticipation of the coming of the Christ - the return of the landowner, people's desires of the messiah.
Matt 21 - Messengers/Holy Spirit sent ahead to prepare for Christ's coming - two disciples are sent to prepare for Jesus entry into Jerusalem and Jesus comes and enters the temple
Matt 22 - Jesus the Suffering Servant - Jesus comes and speaks with authority, compares heaven to a King who gave a wedding feast for his son
Matt 23 - God with us - Leaders reject Jesus who says they will not see him again until they say "..blessed is he…". 39 verses-a number for Israel.
Matt 24 - The Day of the Lord - Jesus warns to be watching for the day, hour, time of his return (953)
Matt 25 - Jesus appearances on earth - The Ten Virgins go out to meet him. Five are condemned and five are given eternal life (5x5=25).
Matt 26 - A Number of God - The Last Supper - The Body of Christ, Jesus on trial
Matt 27 - Jesus, the Lamb of God - Jesus who paid the price for our salvation. His sentencing ,crucifixion and death as he foretold - The Lamb gave his life as ransom - #77 related - see Ruth 4:9, the 7200th verse(#27/#72/#77).
Matt 28 - The Number of Resurrection - Jesus resurrection, the empty tomb

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