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Ezekiel 39 - Prophecy of Gog & Magog - And Israel exiting their 40 years in the wilderness

Israel is still in their wilderness wandering (#39) until they see Jesus is LORD...
In this post, I'll state some observations related to the Bible's numbers and text, but will not try to explain why I believe these statements are true. The more I try to explain Biblical numerics, the more I tend to confuse people, so I'll leave the evidences for these observations for another time.
Biblical number patterns indicate that #39 relates to Israel and the Jews...God's chosen people. A couple of quick evidences for this association are found in the number of books of the Old Testament -- 39. Second, it is also not coincidence that the first chapter of the New Testament, Matthew 1, happens to be the 930th chapter of the Bible -- 39 in reverse.  The associations of symbols to Biblical numbers are progressive in nature so each number has a sequential association to the number prior to it, and after it. In the case of #39, I believe it includes association to the #40 minus one (40-1=39). #40 relates to a time of testing, trials and making one ready to enter God's land -- IE the 40 years in the wilderness and Jesus 40 days of testing. It seems #39 represents the last step before Israel's 40 days/years of testing are complete. In the case of Israel, I think they are associated with #39 in the Old Testament because they have not yet accepted Jesus as the messiah they are waiting for. They have not yet ended their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness prior to them entering God's promised land -- this is where Ezekiel chapter 39 comes in.

Ezekiel chapter 39 -- Israel comes to see Jesus as LORD...
Ezekiel chapter 39 contains God's victory over Gog and Magog which is a prophecy many Christians believe is on our doorstep -- could literally happen any day. What also happens in this chapter is that God will make known, and Israel will see, that Jesus Christ is the messiah who just saved them. These events happen in verses 21 and 22...
Eze 39:21 "And I will set My glory among the nations; and all the nations will see My judgment which I have executed and My hand which I have laid on them.
Eze 39:22 "And the house of Israel will know that I am the LORD their God from that day onward.
It appears that Israel will exit their wilderness wandering (or enter the 40th year of trials/testing/purification) just after this battle of Gog/Magog. This fits the association with chapter 39 and these events. It is also interesting that numbers for verse 21 and 22 also fit appropriate symbolic meanings. #21 (also related to 7+7+7 or #777) is a number of sanctification or being saved which corresponds to the event in in this verse #21. #22 relates to verse 22 in that this is a number associated with Jesus, The Lamb of God (see Genesis 22 where Abraham goes to sacrifice Isaac, and Revelation 22 -- Jesus the River of Life).

It all fits together...
Concluding, in this post I wanted to point out the symbolic significance of number 39, and Ezekiel chapter 39, and how it is associated with Israel and their continuing to be in the wilderness until they recognize Jesus. Evidence of this is the 40th book of the Bible, Matthew, where Jesus is presented to the Jews. This seems to be an indication of their finishing their time of testing. The text of all the chapters of Ezekiel (and any other book for that matter) are also associated somehow with the symbolism of their related numbers.

God's word is supernatural and has literally been written down and preserved by God himself. I refer to this numeric perfection as the DNA of the Bible ("The Bible's Numeric Map") and refer to the progressive symbolism of Biblical numbers as the "Redemption Pattern". When you begin to take in this text/number association, the interpretation of the Biblical text becomes much more enlightened.

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