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What are The Bible's Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map about?


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Most everyone has heard random comments from sermons about the symbolism behind numbers in the Bible, but the explanations given are so brief that they have little practical use in our own personal Bible study. As a result, Christians read the Bible without being able to put one of the best tools of interpretation to use in their study. This book explains not only the symbolism of Biblical numbers but more importantly describes the progressive meaning behind each number and how they relate to what the author refers to as the Bible's Redemption Pattern. Numbers not only have a consistent symbolism everywhere they are used in scripture, but each number helps describe the ten basic steps of a Christian's path of walking with God in their lives.

Similarly to "The Four Spiritual Laws" of Campus Crusade, the Redemption Pattern explains in detail the ten steps of; One-Knowing God; Two-The Appointed Redeemer who came for us; Three-God's Holiness and Righteousness; Four-Our trials and journey through the wilderness life; Five-What God demands of us and resulting blessings and consequences; Six-Our decision to cross over and turn from sin in our life; Seven-God as the Good Shepherd who uses the rod and the staff to teach us his ways to lead us to being complete;; Eight-How we become faithful believers by finally being convinced to give up our own ways to sincerely try to let God lead our lives; Nine-Our responsibility to anxiously anticipate Jesus return and faithfully serve while we await this event; and Ten-The number of final things including God's final disposition at the end of the age.

This book explains the symbolism of numbers; how to understand the Redemption Pattern steps; and most importantly, how we find this Redemption Pattern used throughout the Bible thus it being a constant reminder in scripture of God's plan for our lives. This pattern can be seen repeatedly in virtually every list of the Bible including; the Lord's Prayer; The names of ten generations from Adam to Noah; the Beatitudes; The Plagues of the Bible; feast days and more.

There's many other gems of knowledge throughout the book; explaining the numbers 72, 144, 153, 666, 777, & 1260; how 911 can be seen in scripture; the special numerical significance of John chapter 3; how numbers combine to make meaning and much more.


From the Author   

Once you see all the examples of how numbers are used in whatever Bible you use today, you will quickly begin to make use of them in your everyday Bible study. These principals apply to both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible so this means they also will be observed and equally useful in the study of the Torah and other religious documents.


About the Author   

Norm Patriquin is an everyday layman believer who over a ten year period accidentally stumbled over the Redemption Pattern and what he calls the Numeric Map of the Bible. He works today to pass on this knowledge to others showing how Biblical numbers are not a complex code or mathematical puzzle, but instead can be quickly comprehended as a very simple guide to helping us understand God's plan for our lives.

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