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A quick look at the Bible's Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map…

What is this "Redemption Pattern" God left us to find in his Word?

Every list (numbered or not); every numbered Book, verse and chapter, and virtually the entire Bible is written in what I refer to as "God's Redemption Pattern". The basic repeating numerical pattern of things arranged in one to ten sequence always line up with that I believe are God's Guide to the Ten steps we take in being redeemed. It's God's way of constantly reminding us, through his word, how we grow in him. This post explains a bit about the Redemption Pattern and how it works.

As an example of the Redemption Pattern; Take the list of "I AM" statements made in the Book of John. These statements tell us who Jesus is. Because their meanings line up with the symbolism of the numbers in the redemption pattern, we know we have an accurate/complete list of Jesus Ten statements about who he is. Below I've noted each of the 10 "I Am" statements in John and show the redemption pattern symbolism for the numbers 1-10 beside them.

Ten "I am's" of John

1 - bread of life (God is)

2 - bread that came down… (God sent a deliverer - Jesus)

3 - the living bread… (He is Holy/Righteous, we need a way to be with him)

4 - I am the Light of the world (Jesus came to our wilderness (world) to teach/save us)

5 - ...testifiy about Myself (We must learn/accept God's plan/covenants)

6 - door of the sheep (The only way to heaven is to repent/cross over via The Cross)

7 - the good shepherd (Once we accept Jesus, he is faithful to teach/guide us in growing)

8 - resurrection and the life (When we learn God's way is only good way, we become Godly)

9 - the way.. the truth ...the life (future, Jesus will return to take his people with him)

10 - the true vine (The End - Truth... end of story)

More about the Bible's Redemption Pattern

Wherever the digits or numbers one to ten in the Bible are found you will also somehow observe associated with them a progressive set of symbolic meanings that each number represents. I believe this progressive set of meanings describes God's ten step plan of redemption. Following is a list of these ten basic themes. Below is a chart that shows how some well known parts of the Bible follow these meanings. Use these examples to get an idea of how the numbers are associated with different topics and then use this knowledge to observe this pattern in your own Bible study.
  • #1-God--Creator of all things--Beginnings, first things, things counted, set apart by kind, self, pride, God, leaders, Kings
  • #2-Jesus-God hears and sends a redeemer to save--relationship, sons, daughters, love
  • #3-Holy Spirit-God in us--Righteousness, Purity, Power of God
  • #4-Wilderness Trials, testing--A time of preparing the heart--things of the world
  • #5-Instructions for entering the land--Covenants, rules...choices for blessings & curses
  • #6-Crossing over & turning from Sin--repentance, taking strongholds of sin
  • #7-Becoming Complete--The Good Shepherd leads with rod and staff, conflict, adultery, turning away and turning back.
  • #8-The Godly & New Beginnings--Faithful Servants, receiving the Holy Spirit, abundance, the remnant, baptism, circumcision
  • #9 Watching for Jesus return--Persevering in service, future events and plans
  • #10-The End - Last & Final Things-Commands, Day of the Lord, final judgment, last things & End Times

Redemption Pattern Examples

The Redemption Pattern is a set of ten parts of God's overall plan for redeeming men. The ten step pattern is infused into every aspect of scripture as a constant reminder of our walk with God. The chart below shows the ten parts and the numbers God associates with them. Also shown are eight different aspects of the Bible that reveal how the pattern is found virtually everywhere in the bible. Each column in this chart contains a set of ten sequential parts of different Bible passages matching the pattern. Looking across the rows of the chart for each of the ten steps you will find the theme of each one represented in the corresponding part of each passage. For more evidence you can use this chart with your own Bible to find more examples of the pattern throughout the scriptures.
First Ten
Lords Prayer
I am's
Ten Genera-tions
23rd Psalm
Full Armor of God
God-sin-separates us
Genesis—Separated by kind
Creation...the beginning
Our Father in heaven
bread of life
poor in spirit
 Jehovah is my shepherd…
the full armor of God
Jesus – the redeemer
Exodus--- Israel
 led out of Egypt
 Man and woman created
Holy be thy name…
bread that came down…
a substitute
those who mourn (cry out to God)
...leads me to waters of rest;
Girded your loins with Truth (Jesus)
Holy Spirit  - righteousness
a righteous god
 The fall of man –  Great Sin…
thy will be done
the living bread…
the gentle
guides in paths of righteousness
Breastplate of righteousness
Wilderness wandering…
Numbers---desert years separate & prepare
 Cain is forced to wander
On earth as it is in heaven
I am the Light of the world
Kenan –Sorrow
who hunger and thirst…
I walk through the valley of death
Feet shod with Gospel of Peace
Preparing to enter the land
Deuteronomy--- have faith and obey
Generations of blessings
Give us...our daily bread
...testifiy about Myself
the merciful
 I will fear no evil; for …
Shield of Faith
Sin and Repentance
Joshua--- Leads in taking the land…
God sorry he made man
Forgive us our sins
door of the sheep
Jared-Shall come down
the pure in heart
 You are with me;
Helmet of Salvation
God makes us compete
Judges -- Israel repeatedly fails…
The Flood, saves, cleanses
As we forgive others
the good shepherd
peacemakers (learning)
Your rod and Your staff comfort me.
Sword of the Spirit--word of God
The Godly- new covenant
Ruth--faithful servant & the kinsman redeemer
flood subsides, Godly saved
Lead us from temptation
resurrection and the life
Methuselah-death brings
persecuted for righteousness…
...You anoint my head with oil…
with prayer / petition in the spirit
Persevering until his return
Samuel---David sins but seeks God's way.
Sign of the rainbow
Deliver us from evil
the way.. the truth ...the life
Lamech- the despairing
insulted, evil said about them…
goodness and mercy follow me…
make known the mystery--persevere
Last things, Judgment
Kings---Israel turns from God—results in captivity
Reviewing Noah's life
thy is the kingdom…
the true vine
Noah- Rest or comfort

will dwell with the Lord forever

This single chart reveals the concept of the Redemption Pattern and how numbers associated with various parts of scripture are appropriately associated with each progressive part of God's plan. Numbers are very important to the Redemption Pattern but at the same time they are only symbols or pointers to the themes that tell us about each step in the plan. Unlike Bible codes or other complex numerical studies, God's numbers are easily understood and put to use at their most basic level, but the numbers also create a perfect DNA like web of interrelationships of scripture that provide many useful values once you understand them. Every number in the Bible from numbers in the text, to unnumbered lists and book chapter and verse numbers all line up with the text to; Reveal God's ten step plan of redemption; validate the supernatural construction of the Bible; provide valuable insights to interpretation; are a built in numeric cross reference to related passages; as well as showing us how God's numbers in our world reflect his plan of redemption.  In addition to these numbers mentioned, there are also perfectly aligned cross Bible verse numbers; cross book verse numbers; numbers associated with word usage patterns and much more. God's Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map is a wonder beyond our capability to comprehend and shows what an awesome and amazing God we have. Praise God!

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